T-Ara’s Jiyeon Requested Police Investigation After Threatened to be Murdered

T-Ara’s Jiyeon (aka Park Ji Yeon) was threatened with murder by an unidentified person. Currently, she has asked the police to investigate it.


According to DongA Dotcom’s press coverage, Ji Yeon is now in shock after recently being publicly threatened to be murdered by an unidentified individual through her SNS accounts including Instagram and Twitter. The person who posted the threat has been suspended from their account.

Ji Yeon is terrified of this unidentified figure who has been threatening her with murder. In response, her agency Partners Park has reported the case to the police and requested an official investigation.
Partners Park also plans to take no leniency for the incident with zero tolerance. They are determined to take strict measures against the threat by using all legal means.

Credit: Partners Park

The following is the statement from Ji Yeon’s agency.

This is Jiyeon’s agency, Partners Park.

Jiyeon is currently being publicly threatened with murder, and it has been several times an unidentified person has done so through Twitter and Instagram.

In response, the agency is currently collecting all evidence and has officially asked the police to investigate, for the safety of Jiyeon.

In addition, we are also fully committed to Jiyeon’s mental health as we are concerned about the psychological toll this must have taken on her.

Partners Park will take this case seriously and take action accordingly.


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