Cube Entertainment to Meet Up the Alleged Victim Who Started Soojin’s School Violence Controversy Today

Credit: Cube Entertainment

The legal team of Cube Entertainment will meet A, who accused (G)I-DLE’s Soojin of being a school bully, today.

According to Money Today, Haeyul, a law firm representing A, will meet Cube Entertainment’s legal team at 1 pm KST today. An official from the firm shared, “They (Cube and Soojin) have yet to admit school violence.”

During the meeting, A plans to demand Soojun’s acknowledgment of the fact that she was a school perpetrator and her sincere apology, while Cube Entertainment is going to prioritize checking the facts.

Haeyul added, “What A and her younger sister wants is Soojin’s sincere apology. The victim cannot forget what she had to endure at the time, but the perpetrator became a famous idol and is constantly exposed to media, making the victim suffer even more. She is also suffering from secondary offense by Soojin’s fans.”

Earlier on Feb 20, suspicions over Soojin’s school violence has swept online communities A revealed that Soojin physically abused her younger sister, who attended the same school as Soojin, and that the idol even extorted money. The controversy even grew further when actress Seo Shin Ae was also reported to be one of Soojin’s school violence victims.

A few days later, Soojin personally made her official position through a heartfelt letter. In it, she stated, “It’s true that bad rumors always followed me. I did dress unfitting for a student, and I did try out cigarettes a few times as well. … But I want to clarify a few things. I never used violence on her. I never stole anything, including her school uniform. I never even talked to Seo Shin Ae. But I’m sorry that this issue might have caused her pain.”


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