Allegations of (G)-IDLE’s Soojin Involved in School Bullying Made?

Suspicions of the alleged school violence involving (G)I-DLE’s Soojin have surfaced, and the agency is currently trying to figure the situation out.

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A commenter who shall remain nameless revealed themself as a sibling of Soojin’s classmate. On the 19th, they commented on a post about school violence saying, “It’s about time I talk about (G)-IDLE Soojin’s school violence. Everyone needs to know. I’m sorry to the members apart from that one perpetrator, but I don’t think I can ignore the time my younger brother/sister (unspecified) has dealt with anymore.”

As fans of (G)-IDLE grouped in the comment and demanded a detailed disclosure of the story, they added, “This is not a misunderstanding, and I am a witness. I can’t stop being angry because of the jokes made by those who don’t know what Soojin has been doing.”

The commenter explained that “She called my brother/sister (unspecified) and his/her friends to the bathroom and slapped them on the cheek. She also sent messages saying that my brother/sister was an outcast to the group chat. It’s so disgusting how she is being portrayed on the TV. My younger sibling has a hard time whenever (G)-IDLE’s songs are played.”

“I will organize the details and post them on an online community. I don’t have anything to lose even if they file a complaint, as this is not false,” they said.

The mentioned individual posted the things they were told, presumably by their younger sibling, regarding Soojin’s school violence to their Instagram story on the 20th. According to them, Soojin usually stole other people’s school uniforms and extorted money. They also said she drank and smoked with older boys who rode motorcycles.

Credit: Xports News

Controversy over Soojin’s school violence has recently already been raised once before. A netizen said, “I was shocked by Soojin’s attitude and behavior as she would look down on people. Soojin would smell like cigarettes every day and would say that she was dizzy because of drinking with the boys. Your attitude and actions were a big shock to me.” They also claimed that Soojin swore at her friends and would not return their things after borrowing them. That article has been deleted, as of currently.

Regarding the controversy over Soojin’s school violence, an official from Cube Entertainment said that they are aware of it. “We are in the process of finding out the truth,” it said.


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