What Did TVXQ’s Changmin Write in His Letter When SHINee’s Minho Entered a Training Camp?

SHINee’s Minho shared various anecdotes related to his military service in his recent appearance on Problem Child in House. And among them, Changmin’s passion and letter have caught the most attention.

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In the latest episode of Problem Child in House, Minho, who made his grand comeback as SHINee after being discharged from the marine corps, appeared as a guest. Talking about his military service, Minho recalled how Changmin took good care of him.

Minho first opened up that the training camp he entered only allowed one e-letter for the recruits and shared, “My fans would send letters at midnight. So I waited for the letter every day, thinking, ‘Who wrote the letter today?'”

And one day, he received a letter with the title “Minho, it’s Changmin hyung.” Changmin has beat out hundreds of Minho’s fans and became the first one to send the letter. Minho added that Changmin’s high competitive spirit kicked in when he failed to send the letter a few times at the beginning.

Minho recalled the time and said that he teared up as he thought about the effort his friend has put in and the gratefulness he felt at the time. But there was an unexpected twist in the letter; the spoiler for Avengers: Endgame, a movie Minho longed to see before the enlistment.

“I was about the shed tears reading his letter. But he spoiled the entire movie in that short two sentences. That moment, I exploded, and my tears disappeared without a trace,” said Minho, giving a big laugh.

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