Lee Soo Geun Partners with Netflix to Introduce ‘Lee Soo Geun’s Notice Coach’

Credit: Netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has confirmed the production of the original stand-up comedy Lee Soo Geun‘s Notice Coach with comedian Lee Soo Geun.

Lee So Geun, dubbed an ad-lib genius, joins hands with Netflix to expand his scope to original stand-up comedy. Lee Soo Geun’s Notice Coach is a Netflix original stand-up comedy special featuring an exhilarating ad-lib marathon the Lee pours out as he counsels the audience’s worries.

Since he dominated Gag Concert with his hitting corners such as “I can’t get high notes” and “If I’m tall,” he quickly emerged as a representative entertainer loved by the whole country through 2 Days & 1 Night. He then hosted various shows, including Knowing Bros, Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller, New Journey to The West, and City Fisherman 2.

Credit: Netflix

And 25 years after his debut, Lee Soo Geun will challenge his first stand-up comedy.

Netflix, which has showcased numerous stand-up comedies with top-notch overseas comedians such as Kevin Hart: What Now?, Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable, and Amy Schumer: The Leather Special, is leading the growth of Korea’s stand-up comedy genre with Lee Soo Geun’s Notice Coach, following Park Na Rae: Glamour Warning.

Naturally, attention now focuses on whether Netflix, which is striving to discover content in various genres, will once again revitalize the domestic comedy industry.

Source: Netflix

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