U-Know Yunho “Illustrated the Joy, Sorrow, Love, and Anger of Man Like a Movie”

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

‘Passion’ is a key term for U-know Yunho. He is so enthusiastic in everything he does, that his saying “The most harmful bug on the human body is laziness,” was a hot topic online.

This second mini-album NOIR �is an album that reflects such an image of Yunho. This album illustrates the joys and sorrows of a man ‘full of passion’ who lives his 24 hours to the fullest, instead of the leader of TVXQ who debuted in 2004 and has reigned the K-Pop scene for 18 years. At the press conference held online on the 18th, he introduced the album to be something he “participated in the planning and producing, and dedicated [his] soul into.”

Q1. This is your first comeback in about a year and 7 months.

The planning alone took more than a year. I’m nervous and excited about it. While my first album was intense because it was the first, I realized that I needed to relax more this time. While considering the relatability and trends, I tried to incorporate my values in it. I attempted to improve the things that have changed, comparing them to how they were in the beginning.


�Q2. The term ‘Cinematic Album’ was used.

I captured the joys and sorrows of life felt by men in a movie-like way. In order to visualize all songs, I made a film with a genre that suits the mood of each song. The sentiments and narratives expressed were different for each, so I was able to produce them in different ways. I was inspired by watching the things I’ve done since I was young, and looking for movies that suit me. Hopefully, this album will be interesting for both the eyes and the ears.

Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Hyun appeared on the music video of the title track, “Thank U.” With the powerful performance, the video was “19-rated” for the flamboyant yet wild action scenes.


Q3. The MV is slightly risqué.

It became rated as a ‘19+’ as we tried to bring out the cinematic feel to it. Hwang Jung Min willingly approved of his appearance, for as we have our ties from Ode to My Father. Without being paid. It was so fun working on it, and I felt the details coming to life. Mr. Lee Soo Man watched the completed music video and praised it in a long text message.


Q4. ‘Passionate Mansour’ has become the meme of the town. What is the driving force behind your concentration?

Intrigue, and curiosity. I lack a lot, and I was not even born with anything much more than others. I seem to have a goal for something new. You don’t get those easily. You have to learn it step by step through constant practicing. I tend to make a lot of effort. I’m relieved only once I finish the things I’ve started.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Q5. What kind of genre would you be if you were a movie?

I think Human Story. It may not necessarily be about success, but just an ongoing story about a human. How about “Passionate Yunho’s Voyage” as the title, since I’ve moved to Seoul after spending my high school time in Gwangju? I would be very grateful if you recognize that U-know Yunho is challenging a new framework. I would like to be an artist who is chill and can work comfortably, and above all, for a long time.


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