Top Actors Who Suffer from Stage Fright

Jung Yu Mi

Credit: Jung Yu Mi Instagram

Jung Yu Mi, who is considered the “synonym of lovely,” started to suffer from stage fright after she made a mistake on the stage when she was a student at Seoul National University of Arts. In fact, she was seen flustering so much that she couldn’t continue her speech at the 2014 KBS Drama Awards, drawing attention.

But because she always stuns us with her incredible performances in all her projects, we tend not to know her stage fright. About this, Jung Yu Mi once said, “Acting is okay because it’s like becoming another person.”


Yoo Ah In

Credit: Mushinsa

Yoo Ah In was often spotted shaking on stage. He is a star with “stage phobia,” which makes it hard for him to stand straight in front of many people.

When he won the Best Actor Award for Six Flying Dragons at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, he got on stage and said, “I know the same controversy surfaces whenever I come on stage to say my acceptance speech.” But recently, he was seen trying a new exercise method to get over his “nervousness” through I Live Alone, drawing attention.


Lee Jong Suk

Credit: YG Entertainment

Lee Jong Suk is suffering from “attention phobia” that makes him break out in cold sweats and turn red when he gets attention. He once said, “It’s okay when I’m acting, but whenever I get attention, like at an after-party with more than 7 people, I turn cherry red.”

In an interview with a media outlet, Lee Jong Suk shared, “I almost fainted while doing the stage greetings tour. It’s hard for me to breathe in crowded places.”

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