‘The Uncanny Counter’ Yoo Jun Sang Furious at Choi Yoon Young’s Death

Credit: OCN

Yoo Jun Sang rages after realizing that the death of his lover, Choi Yoon Young, was actually fabricated.

Credit: OCN

Kim Jeong Young (played by Choi Yoon Young) faces death on the 12th episode of OCN’s Sat-Sun drama The Uncanny Counter.

Ga Mo Tak (played by Yoo Jun Sang) promised to meet his lover Kim Jeon Young after regaining all of his memories. Kim Jeong Yeong also welcomed Ga Mo Tak, whom she promised to marry. However, when he decided to meet her, Kim Jeong Yeong was left bleeding in the car.

While Ga Mo Tak immediately moved Kim to the hospital, she ended up passing away. He shed tears looking at a photo of them in Kim Jeong Yeong’s wallet, as he said, “How can it be like this when my memory is finally back?”

Credit: OCN

Afterward, Ga Mo Tak visited Kim’s mortuary. Choi Jang Mul (played by Ahn Seok Hwan) told him to think logically. “They think you’re dead,” he said, as Ga Mo Tak replied with “I at least have to let her go.” However, Ga Mo Tak stormed with rage when he saw the police at the mortuary saying things about Kim Jeong Young’s death that were different from what he knew.

Ga Mo Tak asked So Mun (played by Cho Byung Gyu), “How did you handle it? It wouldn’t have been easy to let your parents go at the young age of 11. I heard you were sick and even had aphasia.” He angrily continued, “They were shot by the police. I saw the last memory. The watch was given to the police officers who have been in service for 20 years.”

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