JTBC Rearms for its 10th Anniversary with Top Stars Cho Seung Woo and Go Hyun Jung

Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Drama department will refurbish itself for the 10th Anniversary in 2021.

2020 was the year for JTBC to set a new box office hit record. Itaewon Class, a drama based on a webtoon of the same name, received a lot of love as it successfully closed its curtains with a whopping 16.5% of viewer rating for the last episode (based on Nielsen Korea’s families with paid services). The following drama, The World of the Married, achieved phenomenal results as it created a syndrome within viewers. Kim Hee Ae’s acting skills and the whirlwind-like plot made history every episode until the final episode, in which the viewer rating was 28.4%. The drama broke the record for the highest ratings ever for JTBC’s dramas.

Credit: JTBC

However, JTBC has been struggling to release any hit series in the second half of the year, unlike Itaewon Class and The World of the Married. Sweet Munchies, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, and even “the second The World of the MarriedGraceful Friends were all unsuccessful. Though younger actors were up in Personal Life and More Than Friends, they did not get chosen by the viewers. The highest viewer rating for Hush, in which Hwang Jung Min returned to the TV in 8 years also remained at 3.3%. Run On, starring Im Si Wan and Shin Se Kyung, is also showing a slight rise in the rating, but it still hovers over a disappointing 2%.

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year, JTBC is trying hard to reverse the dispiriting mood created. Only a glance at the released lineup and the desperate attempt to create a hit masterpiece can be seen. From the production crew of SKY Castle to Cho Seung Woo and Go Hyun Jung, the lineup is spectacular.

Credit: JTBC

First is JTBC’s new Mon-Tues drama, She Would Never Know. Won Jin Ah, Ro Woon, Lee Hyun Wook and Lee Joo Bin are planned to draw romance around a cosmetic brand. It has been confirmed to first air on the 18th.

A new masterpiece that heralds the beginning of a new K-genre will also be presented. JTBC’s 10th Anniversary special drama, Sisyphus: The Myth, will be a fantasy drama about the journey of a genius engineer Han Tae Sul (played by Cho Seung Woo) who tries to reveal the truth of an existence which hides amongst our society. A grandiose scale is expected as Cho Seung Woo and Park Shin Hyre are collaborating. The filming for the show has been finished, and its first airing in February is awaited.

Credit: JTBC

Other projects such as Snowdrop and Someone Like You will also greet viewers with their spectacular plots and casts. Expectations are high on whether JTBC dramas will be able to leap back up in viewer ratings in 2021 with box office-breaking actors such as Cho Seung Woo, Park Shin Hyre, and Ko Hyun Jung.


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