What ‘Kairos’ Means to Kang Seung Yoon

Credit: MBC

Kang Seung Yoon once again confirmed his presence as a singer and actor by showing off his matured acting prowess and colorful charms through Kairos. In the drama, he took on the role of Gun Wook, a close friend of Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), and portrayed a crucial role in solving the mystery of the incident, drawing favorable reviews.

From his career as a singer to his career as an actor, Kang Seung Yoon has always melted his own colors into his works. How does he feel now that Kairos came to a solid end?

Credit: MBC

Q1. How do you feel?

From about a half a year ago, I think I’ve been immersed in the role of Gun Wook. I was really grateful to learn a lot from good people at good (filming) sites, and I feel sad now that I have to say goodbye. I was so happy and pleased that personally, I can say it was the best site.


Q2. What was the most memorable scene or line?

It wasn’t released, but there was a scene that I liked the most. After Ae Ri’s death, Gun Wook is given a chance to talk to Ae Ri from a month ago with the help of Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), but (instead of talking to her) Gun Wook says, “I won’t do it now. Because I’m going to save her,” and holds back his emotions. I liked the scene even when I monitored it, and it felt good to say the line that shows Gun Wook’s will.


Q3. What did you focus on the most when expressing Gun Wook?

I tried hard to not lose the character. Gun Wook is put in various situations, such as when he is with Ae Ri, when Ae Ri dies, and when he works with Seo Jin. And every time, I thought it was important to say the lines with Gun Wook’s heart.


Q4. As an actor, how did you improve with this project?

Focusing on your performance and getting immersed in the role is a must-have mindset, but I thought a lot about doing my best and taking in the most in every site. Thankfully, the director and seniors (fellow actors) gave me a lot of specific and good advice. There are always parts that I regret, but I’m grateful that many of the viewers told me that I have improved.

Q5. You also took part in the OST song “Can You Hear Me.”

Thankfully, the composers put me in charge of a lot of parts. Like the title suggests, the one minute where characters communicate with each other is the most critical, so I sang with emphasis on how to draw out those meanings as much as possible. I also paid attention to my voice to suit the drama well, and I’m honored that the viewers showed good responses.


Q6. Last words to viewers.

It was such a grateful time because I could feel the passionate love. When Gun Wook betrayed Ae Ri in the beginning, they gave me biting responses, and then later showed me enthusiastic support. The fact that they candidly poured out their emotions by putting themselves in the characters’ position was quite impressive. Looking at these responses, I could feel that I did a good job as Gun Wook.


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