‘The Uncanny Counter’ Officially Won’t be Aired on the 26th and 27th

Credit: OCN

The Uncanny Counter takes a break at the end of the year.

Credit: OCN

According to OSEN the series’ 7th and 8th episodes will be broadcasted on the 19th and 20th of December as planned. However, due to internal issues, The Uncanny Counter‘s 9th and 10th episode will be aired next year, on January 2nd and 3rd.

As a series based on Webtoon, it has been showcasing some of the greatest actors such as Jo Byunggyu, Yoo Junsang, Kim Sejeong, and Yeom Hyeran. They have managed to pull off the characters of the original work.

The series is currently receiving such a huge amount of love that it ranked second highest ratings ever on OCN with only 4 episodes. However, it will take a break for 26th and 27th and return to the screen on the first week of 2021.

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