For 2020 MAMA, Singers Waited in the Parking Lot While Actors Waited in Waiting Rooms with Catering Service

Credit: MAMA

Mnet is on fire again only shortly after the Produce 101 manipulation. 2020 MAMA has been embroiled in controversy over “discrimination” against singers and actors.

Mnet hosted 2020 MAMA on Dec 6 at 6 p.m. KST. K-pop groups/artists like BTS, TXT, MAMAMOO, Jessi, BoA, Taemin and NCT performed at the event, and a slew of actors appeared as presenters.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mnet hosted the event online without audiences. All performances were pre-recorded, and disinfection was carried out between awards in each category.

Credit: The Qoo

But soon after the ceremony ended, controversy over Mnet’s discrimination in waiting rooms have arisen, sparking up a hot debate. According to Newsen, most singers who attended MAMA were not provided with waiting rooms and had to wait in cars parked in the parking lots until the very last moment they had to step on stage.

The award ceremony was broadcast live, so each team had to wait for at least one hour to at the most six hours. This measure was welcomed by singers as it was a preventative action to ensure the safety of all.

Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo

But the problem lies in the fact that these quarantine guidelines were different for actors/presenters. They were given private waiting rooms separated by tents and a catering service. In addition, all the singers who won the awards were wearing masks even on stage while actors presented the awards without masks.

A lot of K-pop fans were enraged over the fact that actors got to take selfies in a Christmas decorated indoor, while their artists had to stay in the cold and even fix their makeup with a smartphone flashlight as a light.

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