2020 MAMA Explains the Controversy over “Mistreating the Singers” But Netizens Are Snorting at Their Words

Credit: MAMA

The 2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) explained the allegations that they “neglected” singers while “serving” the actors. However, netizens are only snorting at their explanations.

On Dec 7, many posts complaining of MAMA’s “discrimination” against singers and actors were uploaded on online communities. According to the posts, unlike the singers who had to wait in the parking lot for hours while eating hamburgers as their food, actors who appeared as presenters were provided with their own waiting room and catering service.

However, Mnet explained the alleged controversy, saying, “We wish we could have provided waiting rooms for all participants, but we had to follow the self-quarantine rule.” They then stressed, “It was a music award ceremony, and there’s no reason for us to treat singers poorly.”

Mnet added, “The catering service was provided to both sides.” They also explained why they divided singers and actors, “Singers already pre-recorded their performances, so they didn’t have to rehearse at the site. On the other hand, presenters visited the venue for the first time, and they needed time to rehearse their movements and learn the scripts.”

But even after Mnet released their explanation, netizens are not agreeing to their words. The fact that they held the event at their own venue meant that they could have used the space as they wanted to provide rooms for singers became the primary reason why netizens are snorting at their explanation. Some also pointed out that Mnet invited a slew of actors as presenters for a music award ceremony and only properly treated them instead of singers, who are basically the heroes of the event.

Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo

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