Park Shin Hye Talks How Jeon Jong Seo’s “Demented” Acting Motivated her

Park Shin Hye heralded another transformation through the upcoming film The Call. Playing Seo Yeon, who wants to change the past, Park Shin Hye will show a “spiteful” face for the first time.

Credit: Netflix

In an online interview on Nov 24, Park Shin Hye recalled the work as “the project that gave me confidence and opened a new door for me to try various and new performances.”

The Call is a mystery thriller about two women living in different times, the past and the present, getting connected through a phone call. Park Shin Hye will skillfully present dynamic emotional changes by taking on the role of Seo Yeon, who desperately struggles to save her loved ones from Young Sook (Jeon Jong Seo).

Credit: Netflix

Park Shin Hye is said to have rejected the offer first.

“At first, Young Sook felt very attractive, and Seo Yeon came as someone very passive. I pondered over the offer because I have already played a character similar to Seo Yeon. After I confirmed my appearance, the script was revised. We talked a lot about how Seo Yeon would overcome crazy Young Sook. I focused on capturing detailed changes that Seo Yeon experiences in her emotions as she is torn apart by Young Sook and starts to harbor spite.”

Credit: Netflix

Jeon Jong Seo, who played Young Sook, has motivated Park Shin Hye a lot. Young Sook, who explodes her “repressed” madness, deserves to be considered one of the powerful female villains in Korean cinema.

“I think Young Sook’s character that exudes lunacy was possible through Jeon Jong Seo’s honest emotions. Watching her, I felt that the Young Sook that I originally thought of could become an entirely different Young Sook. It was a great stimulant.”

For the “key point” and the “differentiated point” of the movie, Park Shin Hye chose “space.”

“The subject of changing the past and the present may not be new, but the fact that all of it occurs in one place aroused curiosity. It’s a ‘living movie’ that deals with the topic of how to handle the consequences of changing a situation through time.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment, Netflix

At first, The Call was originally scheduled to be released in theaters in March but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was confirmed to be unveiled through Netflix. About The Call being released on Netflix on Nov 27, Park Shin Hye said, “It’s a bummer. But I think it was the best choice in the middle of COVID-19 situations.”

“If the movie is released in Korea, then the overseas fans have a hard time watching it. So I’m glad that fans from around the world can watch this film more easily. The film was initially planned to be released earlier this year, so I just wanted to show you guys this asap.”

She also added, “#ALIVE once landed at No. 1 on Netflix’s Global Movie Chart, and I just couldn’t believe it. I hope The Call will also serve as an opportunity to promote K-movies.”

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