‘The Penthouse: War in Life’ Season 1 Ends with 21 Episodes, Season 2 and 3 to Be Produced as 12-Part Series

Credit: SBS

It seems like SBS will back up The Penthouse: War in Life despite all the controversies.

According to a media outlet, SBS’s The Penthouse: War in Life has finished filming for its first season on Nov 23.

The first season ends with 21 episodes, which is one more than the original plan. Last week, one episode was canceled due to baseball broadcasting, and in order to finish the drama on Tuesday, the network decided to add one more episode.

An insider said, “At first, season 2 was planned to be a 20-part drama, but the network has decided to make it into two 12-part dramas. Season 1 was programmed as a Monday-Tuesday drama, but the season 2 and season 3 will most likely become a Friday-Saturday drama.”

The Penthouse: War in Life has most recently aired the 8th episode. The Penthouse: War in Life is a work that depicts the distorted desires of people living in a 100-story penthouse in the heart of Gangnam. Adults’ twisted greed and shocking crimes by children who grew up watching them appeared every week, sparking controversy. However, the viewer ratings are through the roof. The 7th episode recorded 14.5% viewership, which is higher than most dramas on air right now.

The production team plans to start filming the second season after a 10-day break. (However, this became unclear as a supporting actor was confirmed with COVID-19) It seems like SBS and writer Kim Soon Ok has given birth to yet another provocative yet addictive Korean-style soap opera.

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