“Let the Boy Have Some Fun” Rapper Swings’s Cool Reaction to T.O.P’s Scribbling on His Photo Grabs Attention

Credit: bnt news, Swings Instagram
Credit: bnt news, Swings Instagram

When the fact that Big Bang’s T.O.P doodled on Swings’s picture and posted on his Instagram a year ago came under fire recently, Swings personally defended the guy, saying, “Let the guy have some fun.”

About a year ago, T.O.P posted a photo of Swings with his scribbles on it. No one gave an explanation, and the “incident” seemed to have passed without a problem. However, recently, a year after, this started to be talked about among some people.

Credit: Swings Instagram

And today, Swings personally stepped up and defended T.O.P, saying, “T.O.P posted this about a year ago. I wasn’t really offended then, either. And personally, I’ve always warmed up to T.O.P. Some started to talk about this again and the guy is seemingly getting bad press, and that makes me a bit worried.”

He also added, “But to be honest, I was thrilled to be on T.O.P’s Instagram at the time and felt like I was the best. Don’t bash on him. Besides, I was the meme king back then. Let the boy have some fun.”

On a side note, Swings and T.O.P are not acquainted at all.

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