Viewers Find the Recent Game Using Rubber Bands Introduced in ‘Running Man’ Disturbing

Credit: SBS

Netizens are saying that SBS’s Running Man has gone too far with this one game they introduced in the latest episode.

In the recent episode of Running Man, which aired on November 15, the cast was seen playing a game involving rubber bands to eat ramen.

The rule was that the member who has put the most rubber band on his or her face would be the one who can enjoy the food. Jeon So Min successfully put 36 rubber bands around her face and became the winner.

However, after the broadcast, viewers took issue with the game, saying that it was too “sadistic.” Not only did the bands make the members’ faces look weird, but members were showing severe pain during the game.

Netizens ported out their critics, saying, “I really don’t want to see such a game no more,” “You know you can cut a watermelon with the rubber bands. Putting that on a face is just crazy,” “the production team has gone over the line this time,” “This was not pleasant to watch,” and “Kids are watching this. They will most likely follow this and that sickens me.”

Yet, the trailer showed another team playing this rubber band game, sparking further controversy.

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