With the Recent Dating Rumors, Attention Focused on Chaeyoung’s Tattoos and Tattoo Artist Chimhwasa

Amid keen interest in TWICE Chaeyoung’s dating rumors with tattoo artist Chimhwasa, netizens started to pay attention to Chaeyoung’s tattoos and Chimhwasa’s past interview.

If you’re TWICE’s fans, then the fact that Chaeyoung likes tattoos is not new. In fact, the idol has numerous tattoos all over her body. It is unusual for a female idol to have tattoos on multiple body parts.

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In the meantime, as soon as their dating rumors hit the online communities, people started to search who Chimhwasa is, resurfacing the interview he had with 8DIVISION back in August 2019.

When asked about his unique artist name “Chimhwasa,” he explained, “It’s what tattoo artist is in Chinese characters. I don’t want to let professional prejudice come first, so I’m using this name.”

“I liked tattoos for a long time. I could feel the vitality within it. I also liked the condition that I could draw nonstop. It wasn’t a matter of choice,” said Chimhwasa, showing his love for his work. He also added, “If there is anything else that interests me in the future, I will do it in a heartbeat.”

Credit: Chimhwasa Instagram

Regarding the public opinion about tattoos, he said, “I fully understand it. I think it’s a task that I should calmy understand, accept and solve. I’m working my job with a professional spirit.”

Chimhwasa described himself as “a person who only thinks about having fun” and “a person who is primitive, instinctive and ignorant” and confessed that he wants to “live more like a child.”

In a related development, one TWICE fansite cheered the two, saying, “We believe that Chaeyoung found a resting place for her tired mind and body in her long career in the entertainment industry, so fans are trying to support her passionate love until the end.”

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