TWICE’s Chaeyoung Dating a Tattooist?

Credit: SPOTVNEWS, Chimhwasa Instagram
Credit: SPOTVNEWS, Chimhwasa Instagram

Netizens started to speculate that TWICE’s Chaeyoung is dating a tattooist. More pictures and “proofs” surfaced, but both sides are not making any official positions.

Earlier, various online communities posted speculations that Chaeyoung and tattooist Chimhwasa (Jung Sung Hyun) are dating. In the photo released together, a couple is grocery shopping at a market. And the hat that the woman is wearing is similar to the one Chaeyoung wore in her recent appearance on Radio Star. In another photo, the two are wearing similar-shaped rings on their left ring finger.

Credit: Wikitree, The Qoo
Credit: Wikitree, The Qoo

Other netizens claimed that the woman’s face in the nude drawings posted on Chimhwasa’s Instagram looks like Chaeyoung. Many said that the woman in the picture has a mole under her lip just like Chaeyoung and has the same hairstyle as Chaeyoung at the time the drawings were posted.

In addition, Chaeyoung’s younger brother was seen following the tattooist’s Instagram, adding to the credibility. After their dating rumor surfaces, Chimhwasa deleted his Instagram account,

After the rumor grew by the minutes, JYP gave an answer, saying, “We won’t be releasing any official statement.”

Meanwhile, TWICE released their second full-length album Eyes wide open on October 26.

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