VIXX’s N Leaves Jellyfish Entertainment + Will Continue VIXX Promotions

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VIXX’s N and Jellyfish Entertainment have decided not to renew their contract.

On November 3, Jellyfish issued its official statement about VIXX’s N departure.

“Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank all the fans who love and support our artist VIXX.
As of October 31, our contract with VIXX member N has come to an end. After a lengthy discussion with N, we and N decided not to renew the contract under mutual agreement. However, having been a member of VIXX for the past 8 years, N will continue his music activities with VIXX and will protect the group’s name.

We would like to thank N for working with us for such a long time with mutual faith and trust, and Jellyfish will continue to cheer for N’s future.

We would appreciate it if you watch over N’s new chapter with love and support.”

N debuted as a member of VIXX back in 2012. Other VIXX members (Leo, Ken, and Hyuk) renewed their contracts earlier this year, but N was carrying out his mandatory military service duties at the time, delaying his renewal. N will most likely follow the same path as Ravi, who is currently the head of his own agency but maintains relations with Jellyfish for VIXX activities.

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