’18 Again’ Star Lee Do Hyun Deceived His Fans? His Agency Answers to the Recent Controversy

Credit: JTBC

Rising star Lee Do Hyun has been embroiled in a controversy over “deceiving fans” after one netizen accused him of giving a fan’s gift to his girlfriend. And his agency stepped up and released the official position.

Yesterday, netizen A accused Lee Do Hyun of presenting his girlfriend a hat he received as a gift from his fans. A wrote, “There’s an actor whose girlfriend ‘certifies’ a fan’s birthday gift? And he pressed ‘like’ on the post?”

According to A, Lee received a pig doll hat as a gift from fans. Later, a woman believed to be his girlfriend posted a photo of herself wearing the hat on her Instagram, and Lee used his private account to press “like” on the post.

Credit: Twitter, KMIB

As suspicions spread around the online communities and Twitter that Lee Do Hyun deceived fans, fans started to demand a refund of the support fees they sent for the actor’s 3rd-anniversary event and after-party for 18 Again.

In response, Lee Do Hyun’s supporters said on their official Twitter account, “We are notifying you because we are receiving inquiries for refunds,” adding, “It is difficult to give refunds, so we are thinking of sponsoring abandoned dog rescue organizations for the remaining amount.” However, they also added, “We are not planning to proceed with any further support after this.”

Regarding the controversy, Lee’s agency explained, “The woman in the picture is one of his acquaintances. That photo (of her wearing the hat) was taken 3 years ago. Then, he met up with close friends and took the photo while they tried on the hat.”

Lee Do Hyun made his debut through tvN’s Prison Playbook. He later rose to stardom by appearing as Jang Man Wol’s (IU) first love Go Chung Myung in drama Hotel Del Luna. He is currently starring in the JTBC drama 18 Again.

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  • These people are ludicrous! Simply because someone took a photo in that hideous “hat”, doesn’t mean he gave it away. Besides, these stars receive way too many gifts to be reasonably expected to keep and store them all.

    • They are obsess with him. Whenever their favorite actor act not according to their wish, they simply accuse of being deceived & whatsoever.

  • Netizen A gave the gift to him. And practically now it’s his. It’s not like he gave it to her like for forever. As it’s said his one of the acquaintance tried it on. What’s the problem with that?

    Why over react. You gave it to him and whatever he does with it its his choice.

  • Now a days some korean fans are delusional they atemp to make such stories for instant attention.those people are sick!

  • Is this a Controversy seriously!? Please wake up and try to concentrate on more important issues rather than these silly statements against actors…don’t spoil the career of the actors by these silly things…

  • If they truly are supporters, they just have to support him. There is no need to make an issue out of that. They gave it to him,he accepted it. They should be happy. Their rights for that hat ended there.So whatever he decides to do with it, the so-called fans are out of it already.

  • These people are crazy! If you truly are a fan of Lee Do Hyun, you should understand that he too has his own private life! Kfans are so obsessed and crazy, too selfish!

  • These so-called fans should butt out. All this over a photo taken 3 YEARS ago?! Plus it is possible to have a FRIEND of the opposite sex without any romantic involvement. If he did give a gift away?… it’s his to do with as he pleases. When we gift something, it’s then up to the recipient what they do with it later! These children need to grow up.

  • God i love Lee do hyun please don’t ruin his life and Fandom. He is great at acting. Support u always. Fighting!!!

  • Why are thise fans soooo stupid?? Why would they give something and then they wnt to control his life stupid people…

  • What on earth are people bitching about? Does it matter who wore the hat? If you think of all the gifts celebrities receive it would take a lifetime for them to wear them. Where would they store them all. Wouldn’t it be better for fans to make a small donation to a charity nominated by the celebrity?

  • When you give a gift, it belongs to the person receiving it. What they do with it is their business. A star/celebrity receives so many gifts that it would take at least a warehouse to store them. As for the hat, they said the photo was taken three years ago. Unless the giver made the hat themselves, it was for sale to anyone. The hat could have been bought by anyone. I don’t know about fan names in South Korea, but unless I am mistaken they said that A was the fan who complained about the star while in the service, mentioned his series at a concert. His officers said there was no problem. Some people just want their 15 minutes of fame.

  • I think it’s an honest reply and those who do not trust are not genuine fans these idols learn from the start they are most indebted to their fans and must work to perfect their artform and honour the belief of the fandom in them. Its way too damaging to themselves to do something of this nature. Fans need to remember they are people too and are entitled to friends and eventually family true fans love to share their happiness not destroy or control them

  • aisstt what the! you made it a big deal? what’s on your mind? just to get his attention? such a tssss.

  • Of all the stupid, asinine, immature things for someone to gripe about! So you gave him a gift? It is now his to do with as he wishes. Do you actually think that it holds some great meaning to him? Probably not after the first 5 minutes. Seriously. Get over yourself and get a life. And try to grow up.

  • This is ridiculous. You’re “fans” not his girlfriends. Grow the hell up. He could throw it all away. I swear, the fans in Korea are so controlling over their celebrities. It’s what leads to kpop groups losing members over pure speculation or rumors, to the pressure put on them to be absolutely perfect in the public eye that leads to depression and anxiety. Fans who seek to control a person’s private life aren’t fans. They’re saesangs. The hat was given to him, it is his, he can do whatever he wants with it. Grow up, you whiny, obsessed children.

  • Goodness me! Some of these fans go to such extremes, there is worse things in the world to concentate on than who is wearing a hat!! People only have to breathe the wrong way for some ‘fans’ to complain. Leave the poor guy alone hes not commited a crime!

  • Fandom sucks!if you give something dont try to dictate how he will use it,he’s not a robot!..even if he gave to his family member, friend or girlfriend its up to him.you voluntary gave it!thats means it become his personal belonging..gosh!what kind of thinking this fan A has👿

  • I don’t believe that his fans are acting this way. This is no way to treat someone who you adore and like. Once the gift has been given to him it belongs to him and he can do anything with it. The fans who are spreading rumours about him should stop being his fan. There is no fault in what he did. If anyone is at fault here it is his fans talking nonsense about him. Instead of being grateful and happy that he used their gifts for his own sake it is not right to accuse him like this..
    Rooting for Lee oppa
    Fighting ❤️❤️❤️

  • It’s not a problem when a fan rants against his idol. What makes it worse is that media picks it up and blows everything out of proportion. The issue isn’t even relevant. Why write about it?

  • I really can’t deal with S. Korean fans! Yall stay doing too much! Some of these idols regift to charities too, are they going to betray their idols if they see an poor orphan playing with the teddy bears they gifted a grown ass man?
    Their grip on reality is slipping. They’re all unhinged. You see it every day as they cancel someone for the dumbest thing.

  • Why is this even an issue? Seems to be silly to get mad over a picture of a friend wearing this hat.

  • What the hell! If you stop supporting lee do hyun because of that fucking hat. Then, You are not his real fans. You give it to him and its not like he give it forever to that girl. Ahyz, girl your over reacting…. I know your feelings but dont over react. Know first the situation before over reacting. Hear first his reason before judging……

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