BTS Believes That Fate Brought The Seven Members Together

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment
Credit: Big Hit Entertainment, JTBC

On the recent episode of JTBC’s In the SOOP BTS ver., the BTS members shared a heartfelt conversation. They talked about how precious each member was!

After an eventful day, BTS decided to fry a whole chicken in a cauldron for dinner. They were able to cook two whole chickens with delicious sauce�” courtesy of their youngest member Jungkook�” although they faced some challenges along the way. While they were eating, Suga, who could not stop laughing during their meal, asked, “If the seven of us hadn’t met, what do you think we’d be doing right now?”

Credit: JTBC

He continued, “It’s so fun when the seven of us are together. If we were missing one person, then it wouldn’t feel the same.”

To which J-Hope answered, “We’d be very depressed. It’s fate that all seven of us met.”

Credit: JTBC

Suga then revealed how he felt about the group at first: “At first, I used to think, ‘how did these seven incompatible people end up together?’”

Jimin said, “But as we always used to say, we would never have gotten close if we didn’t live together. We wouldn’t even look at each other.”

Suga then admitted, “Seven of us with DNAs that would reject each other got together.” The rest of the BTS members nodded in agreement.

It seems like the BTS members understand how special each member is. We hope that BTS will always stay as seven members!

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