fromis_9 Show Their Pride in Their New Music

fromis_9 is making their comeback in about a year and three months.


On Sept 16., fromis_9 will release their 3rd mini-album, My Little Society.

My Little Society represents a ‘small space of my own’ filled with the color and taste of fromis_9, who is ready to show anything as they are. A total of five tracks, including “Weather,” “Starry Night,” “Somebody to Love,” “Fish,” and the title track “Feel Good(SECRET CODE),” which expresses the joy in showing their candid side.

fromis_9 expressed their feelings through their label for their long-awaited fans.


Q1. How fo you feel about making your comeback after a year and three months?
Jisun: It’s been a while since we’ve made our comeback, so I feel pressured, but I’m curious and nervous about how people will react to our new images.
Gyuri: I’m nervous, but my heart is pounding. I can’t wait to show you the performance.

Q2. If you introduce your new album in one word?
Hayoung: Feel Good. I feel good, just like the title track.
Nagyung: Honesty. It is a sincere portrayal of each of us that we never got to show before.
Jiwon: Come visit. We are inviting people to the place filled with our own emotions and tastes.

Q3. How did you react when you first heard the title track?
Gyuri: I thought the chorus was very addictive, and felt like it was a little more mature than the music we’ve done so far.

Q4. What should we listen to in the title track?
Jisun: Our singing, choreography, and facial expressions are all distinctly different from before. We really wanted to make sure that these points stand out. I hope you can see how we got more relaxed and comfortable.

Q5. What modifier or goal do you want to achieve from this album?
Chaeyoung: I hope that we can show our flovers that we are their proud artists with this album.
Nagyung: A group that shows good harmony even when every single member has a different color.


Q6. Any words to your flovers?
Jisun: I’m so happy that a new album has been released. I hope this album will touch your heart as it is filled with more worries and sincerity than ever before.
Hayoung: I missed you a lot. We will try hard to be a proud fromis_9.
Saerom: If there’s a word that shows more of my gratefulness than “thank you,” I will say that. It’s all thanks to flover.
Chaeyoung: We worked hard to meet your expectations, so please look forward to it!
Nagyung: Thank you for always keeping our side.
Jiwon: As I prepared for this album, I got more exciting every day. Thank you always, and I love you, flover!
Jiheon: I hope our flovers like this album a lot. Thank you always.
Gyuri: Thank you so much to our flover for supporting us anytime and anywhere, and I will show you even better performances.


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