Minho’s Love and Supports for Taemin Are Still Ongoing

Credit: SM Entertainment
Credit: SM Entertainment

With SHINee Taemin making a comeback with a solo album, a male fan has revealed his “hot” love for Taemin. This male fan is non other than fellow SHINee member Minho.

Taemin released his third full-length album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1 on September 7. Taemin, who proved his power by sweeping various charts upon his comeback, communicated with fans through V LIVE on the day of his comeback. While fans from all over the world chatted in real-time, a familiar name fixed fans’ eyes. And the name is Choi Minho.

These are the comments he wrote.

“I miss you, Taemin.”

“Taemin’s ‘Criminal,’ let’s be a hit!”

“I like to be tied, too. Lucifer, as we’re tied.”

“I love this song, Taemin.”

“Lee Taemin. So is it a tattoo or henna?”

“Give me an album, too.”

“Should have been more careful. Don’t get hurt!”

“Taemin, good luck with your broadcast. I have to return my phone. Let’s make a hit with your new album. Cheer up and take good care of your health.”


Credit: V LIVE

Later the same day, SM Entertainment posted the coffee truck sent by Minho to support Taemin and his new album, drawing keen attention. Actually, this is not the first time Minho supported Taemin while doing his military service. In fact, Minho sent a coffee truck when Taemin made his debut as SuperM last year.

Minho is especially famous for expressing his affection to Taemin and other SHINee members. Fans point out SHINee’s friendship and loyalty as the secret to their long run. Now that Key and Minho only have a few months left till their discharge, fans are already looking forward to SHINee’s comeback as a whole group.

Credit: SHINee Twitter
Credit: SHINee Twitter

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  • thats so sweet that minho is supporting taemin its so cute im also looking forward to their comback as a whole group.

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