Jung Woo Sung Talks About His Upcoming Movie ‘Steel Rain 2: Summit’ and His Friendship with Actor Lee Jung Jae

Some people often look at Jung Woo Sung, who has expressed his belief in various social issues, with a biased perspectives. The actor is well aware of that and worried that his images could cause trouble for the movie. Jung Woo Sung, who starred in Steel Rain, which dealt with politically sensitive issues, will now greet the audience once again with the sequel Steel Rain 2: Summit.

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During a media interview on July 27, Jung Woo Sung said, “I enjoyed the movie. Especially, it’s satisfying to see Yang Woo Suk grow as a director.”

When asked about the charm of the movie, he answered, “Many series works are about superheroes, but Steel Rain is the first project that produced the sequel with different material and genre. Became the Korean Peninsula is the star of the series, I thought it was a new plan.”

In the movie, Jung Woo Sung played the president of South Korea and expressed his humane side with his eyes.

“I thought that the views and interests surrounding the Korean Peninsula would draw sympathy. The movie speaks its intention directly, and some people see Jung Woo Sung as an actor with political images. So I got worried and told the director that if I star, the movie would have to walk on a rough patch. I said that there will be people who see Han Kyung Jae with political measures. But the director told me that it has to be Jung Woo Sung (laugh).”

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The first and the latter half of the movie shows a different color. If the first half explains the information about the countries surrounding the Korean Peninsula, the latter half catches the viewers with submarine action scenes. In particular, it is interesting to see the three leaders of the two Koreas and the US locked up in a small space and “bicker” with each other. To which, Jung Woo Sung pointed out, “It’s a scene where the three of us reveal each position in an extreme situation, and the director comically portrayed it. I think it was a smart choice.”

The movie delivers a heavy message through the mouth of President Han Kyung Jae. The actor added, “It’s not about forcing a question to someone or suggesting a particular direction. I think we will see the direction when we think it’s our job.”

Credit: Lotte Entertainment, CJ Entertainment

Now, Jung Woo Sung will face his best friends Lee Jung Jae (who starred in Deliver Us from Evil) in the box office. “It’s a happy time for us to face each other in the theater. I think that’s enough. Our movies tell different stories and different genres. I hope we both receive enough love and support from the audiences.“

As for the secret behind his 21-year-long friendship with Lee Jung Jae, he said, “We don’t emphasize each other. We tend to just look and admit (each other). We stay quiet because we don’t know how what the results will be.“

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