April’s Naeun Embroiled in Controversy over School Violence

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April’s Naeun has been embroiled in a controversy over school violence.

On July 22, a writing titled “I’m Lee Naeun’s elementary school classmate,” was posted on an online community. The writer introduced herself as Naeun’s classmate and claimed that she had been bullied by Naeun in the past.

She said, “I cried a lot when I was in elementary school because I was bullied by Naeun. My family, who knows about it, quiver with rage whenever they see her on TV.“

She continued, “From one day on, Lee Naeun whispered to another friend at the cram school and looked me up and down. I was so depressed that I couldn’t ask why, and I stayed upset by myself.” She then revealed that she was verbally abused by Naeun and that she had to quit the cram school because of it.

At the end of the post, she wrote, “You may have forgotten, but I remember everything in detail. Watching you on TV reminds me of those days, and it’s killing me,” demanding an apology.

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