[Upcoming Drama] Character Guide to Greedy People in ‘Chip In’

The eight-part mini-series Chip In is set to premiere on July 22. Chip In is a black comedy mystery drama about nine people gathered at a famous painter’s mansion engaging in a fierce battle over the artist’s property. What kind of people are seeking tens of million dollars worth of assets from famous artists?


Kim Hye Joon – Yoo Bit Na (a child born of an affair)

Credit: MBC

She has a strong personality and is earning tuition and living expenses despite difficult circumstances. She hates the fact that her vain mother uses her to extort money from her father and covet his inheritance. She never really liked her indifferent father and his family, but she now hears that he has only a few months to live.


Oh Na Ra- Kim Ji Hye (artist’s past mistress & Bit Na’s mother)

Credit: MBC

When she was doing well as a model in her early 20s, she met the artists and got pregnant. Since then, she has been living off of child support and dated rich-looking men. But because of her trust in others, she was conned and squandered away her fortune. On the upcoming artist’s birthday, she plans to win his favor and secure his inheritance.


Kim Jung Young – Ji Seol Yeong (artist’s ex-wife & a theater director)

Credit: MBC

She divorced her husband after witnessing his affair 20 years ago, but rekindled 17 years ago. After he was diagnosed with cancer last year, she moved in with him, taking care of him. Contrary to her weak-looking appearance, she is strong inside, spiteful, and a person who can never be taken lightly.


Nam Moon Chul – Yoo In Ho (the artist with a great reputation)

Credit: MBC

He has earned a lot of money and honor by concentrating on painting all his life, but his family is broken, and now he is surrounded by those who only seek his money. A year ago, he was declared terminally ill and is planning on making his will public on his 58th birthday.


Lee Yoon Hee – Moon Jeong Wook (artist’s best friend)

Credit: MBC

He used to be a nameless artist but has settled as the artist’s manager. He lives with the artist and knows how to curry favor with him.


Nam Mi Jung – Mrs. Park (a housekeeper who has worked in the house of the artist for more than 20 years)

Credit: MBC

She knows everything about the artist, his surroundings, and the house. She gained the trust of the artist by providing sincere service to the artist who lives alone, but because she has sticky fingers, her hobby is stealing things without being detected.


Han Soo Hyun – Dok Go Cheol (ex-convict)

Credit: MBC

He is a master of all kinds of fraud and a master of controlling people with his speech. Recently, he got out of prison and visited the artist, who never treated him as a person.


Choi Kyu Jin – Yoo Hae Joon (artist’s nephew)

Credit: MBC

He lost his parents when he was young and was raised in the hands of his uncle, the artist. He is the only person who the artist has any sort of attachments to, and because of that, he has no doubt that he will be the sole heir of the artist’s legacy.


Kim Shi Eun – Dok Go Seon (Dok Go Cheol’s only daughter)

Credit: MBC

Because Dok Go Cheol was always either in and out of the prison or country, she was raised under the artist. She always looks down on Bit Na by comparing herself with Bit Na, but this is because she doesn’t know how to get close to someone due to her dark past.


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