“Lee Kwang Soo Doppelgänger” Chinese Trainee Catches the Eye

Credit: xportsnews, Weng Yuqing Instagram, Wikitree

A trainee who resembles actor Lee Kwang Soo has become a hot topic.

Recently, a post with the title “Chinese Trainee Becomes Famous for Looking Just Like Lee Kwang Soo” became a hot topic in various online communities. The post shows a Chinese trainee with a serious expression after his performance ended.

The trainee is Weng Yuqing, who is currently appearing in the Chinese survival show We Are Young. He is affiliated with Creative Entertainment and is gaining popularity even in China for his Lee Kwang Soo look-alike appearance.

Credit: One Hallyu
Credit: One Hallyu
Credit: One Hallyu

Upon seeing this, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions.

“OMG. He looks like the younger version of Lee Kwang Soo.”

“Lol You kidding? That’s totally Lee Kwang Soo!”

“Lol. I feel like he is going to dance and sing the mosquito song anytime soon.”

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