Lee Min Ho Tops the Popularity Chart of Korean Actors with “Hallyu Influence”

Credit: MYM Entertainment

Actor Lee Min Ho showed off his strong Hallyu influence by becoming the “No. 1 Korean actor” with an overwhelming number of followers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Weibo.

According to MYM Entertainment, the actor’s agency, Lee Min Ho is currently the “Global Top Actor” with the largest number of SNS followers among Korean actors who lead the Hallyu wave, showing a high level of popularity beyond imagination. As the best example, the number of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers reached 17.3 million, 16.6 million, and 3 million, respectively, while Weibo surpassed 28.5 million followers as of June 16. This is the best record among all Korean actors.

Especially in the case of Weibo and Facebook, Lee Min Ho is an overwhelming No.1 Korean artist, including singers and actors, proving his immense global popularity.

Even after SBS’s The King: Eternal Monarch, his popularity has been on the rise. In Netflix, the drama topped the weekly ranking of TV shows in numerous countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Nigeria. In Japan, India, Chile, and the Dominican Republic, it maintained the top spot in the popular content category, realizing his global status.

Among them, the most prestigious Netflix chart is “World Ranking,” which collects and announces all data from about 190 countries. The King: Eternal Monarch, starring Lee Min Ho, showed off its potential by coming in 9th, adding to the spread of K-content and the Korean Wave craze.

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  • Great job LMH
    Not only are you always number one, you always make your own history and always leave a mark and most importantly, paved the way for the rest to follow just like a true king does..

  • LMH Oppa is Truly a King of kdrama world. Noneun Choegoya!! Oppa Fighting ~~ Salanghae.. ♥️

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