Kang Ha Neul Paid for His Fans’ Food and Drinks After Running into Them at a Restaurant

His fan service is just as outstanding as his acting skills!

One of Kang Ha Neul’s fans recently shared a post about her run-in experience with the actor himself.

The fan shared a photo she had taken with the handsome actor, in which they were both smiling brightly next to each other. The caption for the photo read, “He paid for our food and beer. Looks like we used up the luck we had in store for next year. I’ve been your fan for a very long time. Please be happy forever. I love you, Kang Ha Neul.”

According to the fan’s post, Kang Ha Neul had come to the restaurant for a work dinner for his play Fantasy Fairy Tale, and he was more than delighted to shower his fans with not only love, but secretly pay for their meals as well.


We love a generous, humble, sweet, handsome, talented man!

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