Kim Hye Yoon Opens Up About Burnout and Handling Online Criticism After ‘Lovely Runner’

kim hye yoon yoo jae suk
kim hye yoon yoo jae suk
Credit: SBS

In a recent episode of SBS’s Teum, Lovely Runner star Kim Hye Yoon candidly discussed experiencing burnout.

On June 4th, Kim Hye Yoon appeared as a guest on the seventh episode of Teum. She shared updates about her life after the end of the hit drama Lovely Runner. “I’ve been mostly staying at home these days. The filming period for Lovely Runner was a bit long, so I’ve been taking a lot of rest since it ended in April. I spend time playing games at home,” she revealed.

Now in her 12th year since debuting, Kim Hye Yoon reflected on her career, saying, “I started acting when I was a freshman in high school.” Yoo Yeon Seok admired her journey, saying, “When you look at Hye Yoon’s filmography, she has a lot of minor roles. She gradually worked her way up, and rose to fame with Sky Castle. Seeing her process is very impressive. I also spent ten years in obscurity after debuting in ‘Oldboy.'”

kim hye yoon yoo jae suk
Credit: SBS

When asked by Yoo Jae Seok if she anticipated the success of Lovely Runner, the actress responded, “Watching the first episode, even though I filmed it, I thought it was really fun. But I never imagined it’d become this popular.” She then confessed, “I think I’m experiencing burnout.” She sought advice from Yoo Yeon Seok, who thoughtfully responded, “I engage in hobbies I love. That helps me. When you need to clear your mind but can’t, it’s important to find something else to focus on. Doing something I love helps me heal.”

Kim Hye Yoon shared her own stress-relief method, “I got my driver’s license as soon as I turned 20. I used to relieve stress by driving because I liked focusing solely on the road ahead.”

Regarding how she handles negative comments, Kim Hye Yoon admitted, “I’m curious at first, so I check the reactions a few times. But I only glance through them lightly.” When asked if she reads all the comments, she said, “I tend to avoid reading hate comments because it takes a toll on me.”

She also gave into her everyday life, “I still use public transportation like subways and buses. Most people are on their phones, so no one really recognizes me,” adding, “I’ve been living alone since I was 20.”

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