Rain Shares the Humorous Beginnings of His Romance with Kim Tae Hee

kim tae hee rain
kim tae hee rain
Credit: YouTube “Zzanbro”

Rain opened up about how he started dating his wife, actress Kim Tae Hee, sharing some humorous anecdotes along the way. Initially, Kim Tae Hee turned him down, stating her preference for handsome men.

In a video released on June 3rd on the YouTube channel “Zzanbro,” hosted by Shin Dong Yup, Rain discussed his journey to marrying Kim Tae Hee. Reflecting on their first meeting, Rain said, “I went to a commercial shoot, and Kim Tae Hee was there. I thought she was quite different from me. She wasn’t my style.”

Shin Dong Yup chimed in, suggesting that Rain might not have been Kim Tae Hee’s type either, to which Rain agreed, “That’s 100% true. When I first approached her, she said that she likes handsome guys and told me, ‘You’re not my style.'”

Despite the initial rejection, Rain decided to get her phone number and call her. “I couldn’t resist. I wanted her number, so I got it and called her. When I said it was Rain, she asked why I was calling. I suggested having a meal together, and she responded, ‘Why should we?’ She refused. My competitive spirit kicked in. I hung up and thought about it, and I got angry. So, I called again. And she still said no,” he recounted.

A year later, while on leave from military service, Rain accidentally texted Kim Tae Hee, thinking he was messaging g.o.d.’s Kim Tae Woo. Rain had a habit of slightly altering friends’ names when saving them on his phone, so he had saved Kim Tae Hee’s number as “Kim Tae Soo.” This serendipitous mistake gave him another chance to suggest a meal, which Kim Tae Hee finally accepted.

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