7 Biggest Korean Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations of All Times

lee jang woo weight loss
Credit: MBC, Lee Jang Woo’s Instagram

Lee Jang Woo revealed his noticeably slimmed-down physique on the recent episode of I Live Alone. “I used to weigh 108kg and was even at risk of developing diabetes,” Lee Jang Woo shared, explaining his motivation for embarking on a strict diet to prioritize his health. Joined by fellow cast members Park Na Rae and Jeon Hyun Moo, the actor stepped onto the scale to reveal his weight loss progress. The final tally: an impressive 22kg weight loss, leaving the cast and viewers in awe of his transformation.

Inspired by Lee Jang Woo’s remarkable weight loss journey, let’s take a look at other celebrities who have achieved incredible transformations through their dedication to dieting and exercise.

Kang Sora
kang so ra weight loss
Credit:SBS, Kang Sora’s Instagram

Kang Sora made a surprise appearance on the April 14th episode of KBS 2TV’s The Return of Superman as the exercise mate of Jasson and his son. During the show, Kang Sora shared her secrets for maintaining her enviable physique and flawless skin. She revealed, “I’m eating a lot of vegetables and protein these days and cutting out flour.” She further explained, “So I don’t eat tteokbokki, pizza, hamburgers, and bread. I haven’t eaten ramen in a year either.” Notably, Kang Sora made headlines for losing 20 kg after giving birth.

iu weight loss
Credit: Star Graphy, Sunday Seoul, New Balance

IU, currently known for her petite XXS size, once had a less slender figure. In 2011, she appeared on SBS’s Strong Heart and shared her experience of being heckled during her debut performance. She recalled, “I had my debut stage on a cable music program, and it was a day when many boy groups were performing, so there were a lot of female fans. When I started singing, people started booing from here and there. They even said, ‘What is this pig-like thing?'”

Determined to lose weight, IU went on an extreme diet, having only one apple for breakfast, two sweet potatoes or bananas for lunch, and low-fat milk and protein supplements for dinner. However, she later expressed regret for this extreme approach, stating, “It was a method I followed for a very short period when I was very young. It might seem like I’m doing well now, but if I followed that diet now, I wouldn’t be able to sing a single song. You shouldn’t follow that kind of diet.”

Song Hye Kyo
song hye kyo weight loss
Credit: The JoongAng, Song Hye Kyo’s Instagram

Song Hye Kyo is known for her dedication to her craft. For her role as Moon Dong Eun in The Glory, she reportedly went on a very focused diet for two months, having only konjac rice to achieve the physical transformation needed for the vengeful character. Earlier in her career, she received feedback about her health appearing too good for a character battling leukemia while filming Autumn in My Heart. This motivated her to focus on her physicality for her comeback role in Full House four years later.

However, unlike some rumors circulating online, her weight loss wasn’t achieved through extreme measures. She reportedly maintained a balanced approach, with regular meals for breakfast and lunch, followed by lighter dinners like tofu. Additionally, she practiced mindful eating habits, avoiding food after 7 pm, and stayed active by taking long walks.

Jung Kyung Ho
jung kyung ho weight loss
Credit: Online Community, Showbox

Jung Kyung Ho garnered attention for his impressive transformation in the 2013 drama Heartless City, where he played a cold-blooded drug cartel middle boss. In preparation for the role, he reduced his body fat to just 3% through a combination of diet control, abstaining from alcohol, and consistent exercise, achieving a sculpted physique over four months.

Interestingly, Jung Kyung Ho also had a significant weight loss journey before his debut. As a middle school wrestling student, he faced bullying from older kids, prompting him to gain weight up to 90kg by consuming ramen and mayonnaise. However, after entering high school and taking up football, he managed to lose 30kg.

Go Hyun Jung
go hyun jung weight loss
Credit: Hankook Ilbo, IOK Company

Go Hyun Jung is well-known for her dedication to physical transformation for her acting roles. Fans often remark on the striking difference in her appearance between projects. In March, tvN’s Free Doctor offered a glimpse into her weight loss approach, revealing it wasn’t some secret diet but rather a dedication to long walks. During an interview, she shared how she walked over 2 and a half hours every day alongside the Han River with her manager, and how that led to significant weight loss for both of them.

Jung Sung Il
jung sung il abs
Credit: Keyeast, Jung Sung Il’s Instagram

Jung Sung Il reportedly put himself through a demanding diet and exercise plan to portray Ha Do Young, his refined chaebol character in Netflix series The Glory. In 2017, he was cast as a killer in an independent film and built six-pack abs in just eight weeks at a cost of only 100,000 won. His secret was books and his local gym. He sculpted an impressive physique through self-study, but unfortunately, his efforts were not showcased to the audience as the film was shelved.

suzy weight loss
Credit: Star Today, Guess

Suzy, often perceived as having always been in perfect shape, also had her share of struggles with weight. After drama Dream High, she reportedly achieved a remarkable 8kg weight loss in just five months. Her secret was the famous “penguin exercise,” which involves rapidly flexing the wrists inward and outward. This exercise and a balanced diet contributed to her dramatic transformation.

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