Exclusive Interview: 2PM’s Chansung Talks Idol Life In Japan + What Effects 4th, 5th Gen Groups Have On K-Pop

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If you didn’t know, 2PM’s Chansung was a king of 1st and 2nd generation K-Pop period alongside his fellow members. Famous for releasing hits such as “Heartbeat” and “A.D.T.O.Y” the group was unstoppable, especially after blowing up in Japan, and really paved the way for the more sexual and chic styles we see in K-Pop today (think every leather concept done by ATEEZ, Stray Kids and SEVENTEEN for example).

As the members grew older they didn’t grow apart as 2PM returned with their seventh studio album Must in June of 2021 – but they still all went down their own separate paths and journeys. Some acting, singing and still entertaining. However, a personal favorite and hell of a good-looking member, Chansung continues to do it all while balancing his life as an idol Dad! Can you imagine?

Well, Chansung sat with us at ZAPZEE to share just what it’s like to be an active idol dad, satisfying the love and attention needed from his fans in both Korea and Japan and even his thoughts on new-gen idols. From his latest music releases to his current acting role in Japan, see how this 34-year-old miracle man is doing it all!

Lately, Chansung worked alongside AK-69 to promote “Into The Fire” and has been holding various concerts in Japan doing stage sets of 2PM classics and more.

2PM is known for being famous in Japan with many Japanese singles such as “Take Off.”

Q. Which Japanese single was your favorite to perform at that time?

Chansung: “I’m grateful that my debut song, ‘Take Off,’ was loved a lot. I have affection toward all the songs, I personally like ‘Higher’ though. This hip-hop song is completed with Jun K’s sensitivity and our excellent choreography.

Q. Being an older generation idol, what do you think of the new generation of K-Pop music? Are there any groups you are interested in or watching?

Chansung: “It is very touching that K-pop has become a mainstream music genre that the world is paying attention to and enthusiastic about. New Korean idol groups are attracting music fans globally with breathtaking live performances at famous music festivals. There is a long way to go still, but I am very proud of the younger artists such as Stray Kids showing their outstanding performances in the global arena. I always support them enthusiastically.” I wonder if he has a bias…hmm?

Currently, Chansung is quite busy traveling and staying in Japan.

Q. What do you love most about Japan? Is there a special place, food, or something about the culture you enjoy?

Chansung: “Japanese food is the best. It’s important to me but Japanese fans are the most precious.”

Q. How do you study Japanese? Do you think you speak Japanese or English better?

Chansung: “I speak Japanese better. Japanese has the same grammatical structure as Korean, and I feel comfortable when I speak Japanese because of my long-time experiences and career in Japan.”

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Q. Do you have a favorite Japanese artist?

Chansung: “Recently, I was impressed by the Japanese actor Hiroshi Abe in the director Eiji Uchida’s movie Offbeat Cops. I want to play a role in the genre of action crime thriller, and he is an actor who fits this genre so well that I want to meet him in the same movie.

Although it was brief, we appreciated the time Chansung took to chat with us during his busy schedule. Chansung also had a final message to share with his beloved fans across the globe.

Chansung: Thank you so much to the fans and thanks to you readers at ZAPZEE. Because of you, I can continue my career. I often ask you to ‘Please wait for my next project’ and I’m sorry but I’m still preparing for a new project so please wait a little longer. Thank you always and I love you so much!”

For now, Chansung seems to be highly focused on acting. Chansung has appeared on a variety of programs and YouTube shows in Japan, expressing his interest but music seems to always be a part of his life too.

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So, what did you think of the interview? Are you excited to see what new projects Chansung will reveal to us soon? Don’t forget to follow Chansung on social media and stay tuned for all his family idol updates. He also made a b.stage account to interact with all his fans directly!

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