Hwang Jung Eum’s Instagram Rampage Sparked by Son’s Discovery of “Dad’s Second Phone”

hwang jung eum divorce
hwang jung eum divorce

Hwang Jung Eum took a daring step to expose her ex-husband’s infidelity, igniting a firestorm of controversy. Journalist-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin Ho shared insights on April 4th, citing a close associate of the actress, detailing the sequence of events that precipitated her decision to file for divorce once again after an 8-year marriage.

The catalyst for Hwang’s drastic action was purportedly her son, who unknowingly handed her a second cell phone belonging to her husband, brimming with evidence of his affairs. “Dad’s phone,” said her son, presenting a device Hwang had never seen before after the father had left for work, which she later scrutinized to find incriminating evidence.

Lee Jin Ho reported, “Among the evidence discovered on the phone, some were disclosed through Hwang Jung Eum’s Instagram,” suggesting that Hwang’s betrayal was magnified by the fact that such proof came from her son’s hands, leading to a profound sense of self-reproach.

This discovery reportedly sent Hwang into a frenzy, ultimately placing her in an unexpected position of having to apologize to the alleged victims of her Instagram exposé. In the early hours of April 4th, Hwang stirred up controversy by mistakenly sharing a photo of an unrelated woman, labeling her as “Lee Young Don’s mistress,” which led the accused to threaten legal action against the public defamation by a celebrity with over a million followers.

Hwang issued two rounds of apologies for her actions. Similarly, her agency, Y.One Entertainment, bowed in remorse, stating, “We sincerely apologize to everyone affected by Hwang Jung Eum’s personal social media posts.”

>> Hwang Jung Eum Calls Out Husband’s Alleged Mistress on Instagram, Woman Denies Knowing Him

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