‘Queen of Tears’ Kim Soo Hyun’s Paycheck Controversy Sparks Heated Debate

kim soo hyun per episode
kim soo hyun per episode
Credit: Money Today

Kim Soo Hyun finds himself at the heart of controversy once again. Following sudden romance rumors with Kim Sae Ron, the actor is now embroiled in a debate over his salary for the tvN weekend drama Queen of Tears.

On the 26th, a report citing several drama production company CEOs stirred the pot by claiming Kim Soo Hyun received a staggering 800 million KRW (approximately USD 667,000) per episode for his role in Queen of Tears. Given the drama’s 16-episode run, this would amount to a total salary of 12.8 billion KRW (approximately USD 10.7 million), a third of the drama’s 40 billion KRW production budget.

The topic of actors’ salaries, often reaching into millions, has been a hotbed of discussion, with Kim Soo Hyun’s alleged 800 million KRW fee attracting widespread curiosity. In response, an official from Studio Dragon told Xportsnews, “The claim that Kim Soo Hyun’s per episode fee is 800 million KRW is far from the truth.”

Then, another outlet reported that Kim Soo Hyun asked to reduce his salary considering the production budget. It was suggested that he received much less than his previous project. The story took another turn with reports claiming Kim Soo Hyun’s actual per-episode salary for Queen of Tears was 300 million KRW (approximately USD 250,000). This was following his groundbreaking 500 million KRW per episode for the Coupang Play original series One Ordinary Day.

Yet another publication hinted at negotiations for a 50 billion KRW (approximately USD 41.7 million) salary for his participation in Queen of Tears, which translates to over 3 billion KRW per episode.

The internet is ablaze with varying opinions on the matter. Some express frustration, saying, “Stop fussing over Kim Soo Hyun’s salary,” “It’s not like they can openly disclose everything,” and “Considering Kim Soo Hyun’s status, it’s a reasonable amount.”

Meanwhile, there’s also a notable amount of backlash regarding the hefty paycheck, with comments like, “3 billion KRW per episode after a pay cut? That’s shocking,” “Earning 50 billion KRW in less than a year,” and “It must be nice to be a celebrity, earning such an outrageous fee.”

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  • Its not our business what he makes thats his personal information and shouldn’t be released to the public. He’s a great actor so he earns his money.

  • Brilliant actor worth every penny , his private life and what he earns is nobody business he should be applauded for his acting skills. and he owes no explanation to anyone, people should get over themselves and get a life , instead of being obsessed with his

  • If movie production companies are willing to pay him that much, they must have a very good reason to do so. Outsiders like us can do nothing but just watch and enjoy the show.

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