Kim Soo Hyun Opens Up About His Unexpected Friendship with Jung Hae In on ‘Salon Drip 2’

kim soo hyun jung hae in
kim soo hyun jung hae in
Credit: YouTube “Teo”

In the latest episode of the YouTube show “Salon Drip 2,” stars of the tvN weekend drama Queen of Tears, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Ji Won, and Park Sung Hoon, graced the guest seats, where Kim Soo Hyun revealed his surprising camaraderie with fellow actor Jung Hae In.

Kim Soo Hyun, known among entertainment circles as a bowling enthusiast, was asked about his daily routine on days off from filming. He responded, “Just going to the gym takes up my whole day.”

The conversation took an intriguing turn when host Jang Do Yeon mentioned, “You’re friends with Jung Hae In and Yim Si Wan, right?” and added, “I heard Jung Hae In even sent a coffee truck to your set. Do you often spend your leisure time together?” To this, Kim Soo Hyun confirmed, “That’s right. If our schedules align, we go play golf, and then we grab drinks afterward.”

Park Sung Hoon inquired, “You haven’t worked on a project with Jung Hae In, right?” To which Kim Soo Hyun clarified, “We haven’t worked together.” When asked how their friendship began, Kim Soo Hyun recounted a visit to the set of D.P., where Jung Hae In was filming at the time. “I went there because a rookie actor from our agency appeared on the show, and I wanted to show support. Both Hae In and I are quite shy, but the director saw us fumbling around and said, ‘What are you guys doing? You’re the same age; just be friends.’ So, we exchanged contact information,” Kim Soo Hyun recounted.

He further shared, “A couple of days later, Hae In reached out first, suggesting we go play golf. I hadn’t been playing golf for long, so my skills weren’t that impressive, but I had a lot of questions, and it turned out to be a great time.”

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  • They both are adorable in their own way. Their acting skills are phenomenal… would love to see them both together…

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