Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed to be in a Relationship? Agency Speaks Out About Photos With Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron Kim Soo Hyun
Credit: GoldMedalist

As of late, rumors have been surfacing left and right regarding actor Kim Soo Hyun and his alleged romance with Kim Sae Ron.

Photos began circulating earlier this week and it is believed that the two have been a couple. First, on March 24th around 1am KST, Kim Sae Ron uploaded a selfie of the two together on her Instagram. They both look cozy and cuddly together as any couple would. However, she soon took it down but swift fans managed to capture a screenshot and reshare it online.

Kim Sae Ron Kim Soo Hyun
Credit: Kim Sae Ron’s Official Instagram

After it circulated, the rumors began to spark and the two actors hadn’t made any public statements or denied their relationship.

Fans soon dug deeper into the possibility of them dating and revealed an ironic statement made from Kim Soo Hyun during a press interview for the film Secretly, Greatly. 

Previously in 2013, Kim Soo Hyun said that he “might marry a 21-year-old when he is 41.” Kim Soo Hyun was born in 1988 and Kim Sae Ron was born in 2000 so the age gap is unironically matching quite perfectly.

However, fans are more concerned for the actor as Kim Sae Ron, who is currently taking time away from the entertainment industry due to her DUI controversy, hasn’t been seen favorably by the public. Fans felt her actions were intentional, shady and even tactical to garner attention.

Fans worry if Kim Soo Hyun will face backlash such as Ryu Jeon Hyul, AESPA Karina, and others have.

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However, Kim Soo Hyuns’s agency GoldMedalist spoke put on the matter and left this statement.

Due to these photos, there are numerous unnecessary misunderstandings and speculations surrounding the actor. Our agency will strongly respond through legal representatives at a law firm to any malicious defamation and insulting posts that damage the actor’s character and reputation.

“Hello everyone. This is GoldMedalist. We will address the official stance regarding the distribution of photos of Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron.

Currently, the dating rumors involving Kim Soo Hyun are groundless. The photos circulating online appear to have been taken when they worked in the same agency in the past, and the intentions behind Kim Sae Ron’s actions are entirely unclear as of now.

We kindly ask you to refrain from baseless rumors about dating and speculative posts. Thank you.”

So, for now, it seems that the relationship isn’t reality but who knows what can be happening in the background? Maybe they even dated in the past? Hopefully it won’t impact his work in Queen Of Tears. What would you do is Kim Soo Hyun is confirmed to be in a relationship? Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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  • Actors give up so much to obtain their careers and are our entertainment for when we need to distress or we wish to, for a moment, live our lives through which ever role they are playing at that given moment.
    I really don’t understand how a fan feels they have any right to, or business to interfere, comment, etc on an actor’s personal life or personal choices. They are only human just like we are. Where has everyone’s empathy gone.

  • She is in a bad place and trying to raise herself up by faking she is dating Kim Soo Hyun… she’s trouble… he should stay away… 23 she’s a con artist posting falsehoods… I wouldn’t trust her…

  • In a relationship or not is nobody’s business except the two people concerned. Just because someone has a very public persona because of their profession, does not mean every person has a right to comment on their personal life. NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!!!!

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