A Closer Look at Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s Relationship: Between the Lines of Public Scrutiny

ryu jun yeol han so hee hyeri
ryu jun yeol han so hee hyeri
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Ryu Jun Yeol finds himself amidst a “national trial,” with the charge being his alleged “jumping ships.”

With the scandal surrounding Ryu Jun Yeol, Han So Hee, and Hyeri continuing its aftermath, Hyeri’s apology letter has only intensified the controversy rather than cooling down the situation as intended. “In November, articles about ending our 8-year relationship broke out. The decision wasn’t made in haste, and even after the articles were released, we discussed talking things over. However, we haven’t had any contact or meetings since that conversation,” Hyeri stated. Her words intended for closure instead fanned the flames of speculation around Ryu Jun Yeol’s new relationship.

Insiders familiar with Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s romance shared the timeline of events they’re familiar with. In February of last year, they decided to “take some time to think” about their relationship, effectively marking a pause in their relationship. At the time, Hyeri was filming the movie Victory on Geoje Island, and the two drifted apart. By June, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s split had become an open secret. Rumors intensified when Ryu Jun Yeol did not show up for Hyeri’s birthday. The peak of speculation reached in July and August, with the media beginning to seek confirmation about their breakup.

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ryu jun yeol han so hee hyeri

Close sources to the couple suggested to TV Daily, “Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri deferred clear answers, as is often the case with long-term relationships. It was difficult to officially acknowledge the breakup given their history.” The controversy around Ryu Jun Yeol primarily stems from how Hyeri said they were going to “talk thighs over.” However, insiders clarify that ending things wasn’t a unilateral decision. “They met once last year; they had already grown apart. Assuming that he ‘jumped ships’ seems far-fetched,” a source explained.

Hyeri might feel slighted by Ryu Jun Yeol’s new relationship that started four months after their breakup. Yet, the criticism he faces is hard to justify. The mention of Hawaii, a place both enjoyed and frequented, might have triggered Hyeri’s “Funny” remark, reflecting her mixed feelings about Ryu Jun Yeol visiting Hawaii with someone else. Yet, Hyeri is well aware that there was nothing wrong with their separation, hence no issue with Ryu Jun Yeol’s new start. Currently, it’s only a section of fans exercising their imagination, making this no longer an issue worth consuming.


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