Han So Hee’s First Public Romance & Hyeri’s Breakup: Four Days Filled with Turmoil and Emotion

han so hee hyeri
han so hee hyeri
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The past few days have seen a whirlwind of speculations and controversies surrounding the relationship between Ryu Jun Yeol and his current partner, Han So Hee, along with the emotional aftermath involving the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Hyeri. After four days of rampant rumors and public discourse, the situation appears to be reaching a conclusion.

The catalyst for the storm was a sighting of Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol in Hawaii on March 15th, sparking immediate rumors of their relationship. The situation escalated when Hyeri posted a cryptic message, “Funny,” on her Instagram, igniting speculation that Ryu Jun Yeol might’ve jumped ships. Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri, who started their relationship after co-starring in the 2015 drama Reply 1988, had been a celebrated couple for eight years before announcing their split last November.

Amid discussions about the timeline of the breakup and Ryu Jun Yeol’s new relationship, online debates heated up. Eventually, Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee confirmed their relationship and addressed the timing, vehemently denying any overlap. However, as discussions persisted, Han So Hee closed her blog and Instagram, the primary modes of communication with fans.

Hyeri remained silent until four days after the initial rumors when she finally addressed the situation. “I failed to fully consider the ripple effects that even my smallest actions might bring. I sincerely apologize to anyone harmed by my actions,” Hyeri stated, acknowledging the unintended consequences of her comments.

Giving an explanation of her breakup with Ryu Jun Yeol in November but how she expected them to “discuss things over more,” Hyeri went on to say, “I think my emotions after coming across a new article were perceived not as actress Lee Hyeri but as just Lee Hyeri. I’m sorry for causing harm with my momentary emotions.”

By opening up, Hyeri has shed some light on the events and her feelings at the time of her cryptic post. Yet, from Han So Hee, who recently stepped into the limelight with her debut public romance, to Hyeri, who received love for her long-time romance, both have found themselves entangled in the unspeakable gossip mill due to their public relationships, bearing the brunt of the fallout.

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