BAE173 and Super Junior-D&E Stir the Pot with Controversial Comeback Title Names

bae173 fifty fifty
bae173 fifty fifty
Credit: PocketDoll Studio, Super Junior-D&E Twitter

The K-pop scene is abuzz as BAE173 and Super Junior-D&E find themselves at the center of controversy over their latest song titles, sparking debates among fans and the public alike.

BAE173 made their comeback on March 13th with the single Fifty-Fifty, inadvertently stirring controversy due to its title resemblance to the girl group FIFTY FIFTY. BAE173’s agency, PocketDoll Studio, explained the track as a reflection on the myriad choices life presents, likened to a 50/50 split, including the duality of self, black and white, and reality versus dreams.

However, netizens expressed their perplexity, suspecting the title choice might be an attempt at noise marketing, especially given FIFTY FIFTY’s recent dispute over member contract disputes.

Despite the pre-release title controversy, BAE173 embarked on their comeback promotions, showcasing a more mature stage presence through music broadcasts.

Meanwhile, Super Junior-D&E (Donghae and Eunhyuk) also faced backlash with the reveal of their comeback title track “GGB, “(gigibae in Korean) criticized for its anachronistic sensibility and seemingly derogatory connotation. The title (gigibae), understood by some as a belittling term for women, has prompted discomfort among female fans, eliciting comments questioning the choice and its outdated sentiment.

However, there are voices within the community urging patience, pointing out that the full context and lyrics have yet to be revealed. This comeback marks Super Junior-D&E’s return after a hiatus of two years and four months, heightening anticipation among fans.

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