Director Jang Hang Jun Questioned by Prosecutors: Did Supporting Lee Sun Kyun Land Jang in Hot Water?

Jang Hang Jun Lee Sun Kyun
Jang Hang Jun Lee Sun Kyun
Credit: Media Lab Siso, Lotte Entertainment

Kakao Entertainment is under investigation for allegedly acquiring drama production company Baram Pictures for more than its fair market value. The prosecution recently questioned director Jang Hang Jun as part of their probe.

Jang Hang Jun‘s representatives confirmed he was questioned but emphasized it was a simple inquiry, not a full investigation. They spoke to OSEN yesterday, requesting to avoid speculation and misunderstandings. The investigation stems from suspicions that Kakao spent more than Baram Pictures’ worth when they acquired the company in 2020. The reported purchase price was 20 billion won.

It’s worth noting that Jang Hang Jun and his wife, writer Kim Eun Hee, were involved with Baram Pictures from 2017 to 2019. They served as internal directors, and Kim Eun Hee was even a shareholder in the early days, having also signed a drama script contract.

However, reports indicate Jang Hang Jun’s questioning was solely as a witness in the case.

Meanwhile, online speculation has arisen suggesting the questioning might be retaliation for Jang Hang Jun’s attendance at a press conference held by actor Lee Sun Kyun. The conference called for the truth to be revealed about Lee Sun Kyun’s death.

One netizen questioned, “Is this payback for the Lee Sun Kyun press conference?” referring to the event held by cultural and artistic organizations demanding a transparent investigation into actor Lee Sun Kyun‘s death. Director Jang Hang Jun, along with Bong Joon Ho, Yoon Jong Shin, and Kim Eui Sung, attended the conference and called for a thorough examination of the legality surrounding Lee Sun Kyun’s drug investigation, transparency in information disclosure, and a review of current human rights protections.

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Another netizen expressed concern about targeted investigations, saying, “If they went after Jang Hang Jun, Yoon Jong Shin could be next.”

We’ve included the netizen reactions below for your reference:

“Director Jang Hang Jun questioned… Questions raised about Kakao’s purchase of his drama production company. Is this payback for the Lee Sun Kyun press conference?”

“Jang Hang Jun questioned by prosecutors. Over allegedly selling his company at a ‘high price.’ They don’t dare touch Director Bong Joon Ho (because he’s a world-renowned director), but they’re going after Director Jang Hang Jun for attending a press conference demanding the truth about actor Lee Sun Kyun’s death. This is ridiculous. They’re always trying to justify their cheap acquisitions, so now they’re making a big deal about a high-priced acquisition.”

“If they went after Jang Hang Jun, Yoon Jong Shin could be next. What a meticulous and crazy Republic of Yoon Seok Yul’s Prosecutions.”

“Yoon Jong Shin, Jang Hang Jun and Lee Sun Kyun were close.”

“The prosecution will now pick on Jang Hang Jun. His family will also suffer. Then, the ‘progressive’ politicians and intellectuals will say, ‘We need to judge Yoon Suk Yeol and mourn Lee Sun Kyun, but we also need a conscience,’ and they will cut ties with Jang Hang Jun… The tragedy of the past 5 years.”

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