Lee Ha Nee’s ‘Knight Flower’ Steals Hearts, Ends as MBC’s Latest Hit Historical Series

Knight Flower ending
Knight Flower ending
Credit: MBC

MBC’s latest Friday-Saturday drama Knight Flower concluded on a high note on the 17th, leaving viewers with smiles on their faces. This fusion historical drama, which wove together elements of fantasy, comedy, and action, has not only entertained but also provided a deep sense of satisfaction by tackling heavy themes like child trafficking, female oppression, and court conspiracies in Joseon-era Korea, all while managing to keep the tone light and engaging.

Unlike its predecessors, The Red Sleeve and My Dearest, which leaned more toward traditional drama and romance, Knight Flower charted a different course by incorporating comedy and action into its storytelling. Fusion historical dramas often walk a tightrope between historical accuracy and creative freedom, risking disconnection with audiences if the balance tips too far in either direction. However, Knight Flower struck the perfect balance, much of it thanks to Lee Ha Nee‘s stellar performance, which anchored the show and amplified its entertainment value.

Knight Flower ending
Credit: MBC

The series focused heavily on the empowerment of oppressed women, offering viewers a sense of catharsis as these characters fought against their societal constraints. Lee Ha Nee’s character, Yeo Hwa, casts off the shackles of 15 years of widowhood to embrace freedom under the guise of a masked vigilante aiding the common folk. Additionally, Yeon Seon (Park Se Hyun), who, after gaining a share of power within the Hwayeon company, begins to nurture love with Yoon Hak (Lee Ki Woo). Even the widow, Mrs. Baek (Choi Yu Hwa), finds love and elopes with her servant, Yong Deok (Lee Kang Min). The men in the drama, barring the villains, support these women’s desires and life choices.

These elements combined to win Knight Flower critical acclaim from its audience, culminating in a nationwide viewer rating of 18.4% for its final episode. This achievement not only surpassed the high bar set by The Red Sleeve at 17.4% but also established Knight Flower as the top-rated MBC Friday-Saturday drama of all time.

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