Han Ga In Unveils Her Lookalike Son in ‘Europe Outside Your Tent: France’

han ga in son
han ga in son
Credit: tvN

Han Ga In recently shared a glimpse into her personal life, including the uncanny resemblance she shares with her second son, during the premiere episode of tvN’s camping-themed variety show, Europe Outside Your Tent: France. In the episode, viewers followed Han Ga In, along with celebrities Ra Mi Ran, Jo Bo Ah, and Ryu Hye Young, as they embarked on a journey through the South of France.

During the show, Han Ga In confessed her initial aversion to camping, stating, “I’ve never been camping before. I’m actually quite averse to it. I don’t understand why people do it. It’s so much more comfortable to eat at home, isn’t it? And you have to bring all these seasonings. I don’t see the fun in it, but my friends say it’s delightful. They talk about the romance and joy nature brings, so I became curious.”

When asked if it was her first time traveling without her family, the actress revealed, “Yes, it is. I’ve never even gone out alone before.” She shared her excitement about the solo journey, jokingly adding, “This camping trip is a huge deviation for me. I don’t think I’ll miss my family if I sleep alone in a tent. It’s going to be so nice. I should just turn off my phone.”

On the eve of her departure to France, Han Ga In was packing at home and shared a heartwarming moment, “My kids saw the sleeping bags and got so excited, they started having a mini camping at home.” She revealed a photo of her 5-year-old son, Yeon Je Woo, looking adorable as he’s nestled in a sleeping bag. Despite his young age, Je Woo’s distinct features have already captured hearts.

Han Ga In has previously shared that both her children were placed in the top 1% for intelligence in the test. Reflecting on her parenting, she noted, “Honestly, I couldn’t pay as much attention to my boy as I did to my girl. I was busy, but reading a lot of books to them seemed to be key.” She believes that the reason behind her children’s thriving is the substantial amount of reading, “Even on days when they are tired or stressed, they turn to books. Reading has become their way to relax.”

han ga in son
Credit: tvN

Han Ga In then remarked, “My first kid is a daughter, so she looks more like her father. My second kid, a son, looks a lot like me. He’s so cute; I’d love to show him off when I get the chance.”

Han Ga In also shared the story behind her marriage to Yeon Jung Hoon. “I had zero interest in him at first. I thought he would be somewhat of a player since he studied in the U.S. for a long time. But then, I saw him speak English so well, which changed my perspective,” she shared with a smile.

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