Lee Jung Jae Lights Up ELLE Korea March Edition: Reflecting on 30 Years in Film and the Love for K-Cinema

lee jung jae squid game 2
lee jung jae squid game 2
Credit: ELLE Korea

Lee Jung Jae, celebrated for his transformative roles and compelling performances, recently adorned the cover of ELLE Korea’s March issue.

In the much-anticipated preview of Squid Game Season 2, Lee Jung Jae surprised audiences with a bold new look, sporting red hair. Reflecting on the diverse reactions to Gi Hun’s hair color, he shared with a laugh, “It was the first time I tried such a color, and honestly, it wasn’t an easy shade of red to pull off.”

During his stay in London for the filming of the Star Wars series The Acolyte, Lee once expressed his thoughts on the burgeoning era of K-content, “We might just be at the beginning of what K-content can achieve.” The actor elaborated in this interview, “From what I’ve seen, people are not just intrigued by Korean content because it’s novel, but because it’s genuinely enjoyable. It’s not approached merely as an exotic curiosity or as ‘Asian content’, but respected for its genre quality, acting, narrative flow, twists, and overall production quality. That’s why I believe this trend isn’t likely to fade away easily.”

lee jung jae squid game 2
Credit: ELLE Korea
lee jung jae squid game 2
Credit: ELLE Korea

Reflecting on his 30-year journey as an actor, Lee was asked whether he’s been more critical or complimentary towards himself. He responded, “I have to be strict with myself. There’s always a sense of regret as time passes. That’s why I strive to do my absolute best, to live without regrets.”

Amidst the overflowing love from fans and audiences worldwide, Lee was questioned about the kind of ‘love” he wishes to give back to the Korean film industry and its audience. “There’s nothing extraordinary,” he replied. “The best I can do is to work hard on my projects, to present the best results possible. That means choosing good works, dedicating myself to filming, and doing my utmost in promotion. Then, when facing the audience, I just want us to embrace each other happily.”

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