Hyun Bin’s Agency Denies Rumors of Him Purchasing High-End Apartment With Record-Breaking Price Tag

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Hyun Bin has been plagued by persistent rumors swirling online, claiming he’s eyeing a luxurious apartment with a sky-high price tag. The chatter has intensified recently, with online communities and blogs buzzing with speculations like “Hyun Bin secretly checked out the model house!” and “Is Pozes Han River Hyun Bin’s new pick?”

The speculation reached new heights during a real estate seminar in Gangnam. While presenting an apartment, the lecturer casually dropped Hyun Bin’s name, “Rumor has it Hyun Bin visited here too. Maybe he and Son Ye Jin are considering buying it?” An article even quoted a visitor claiming, “The celebrity couple from Achiul Village supposedly stopped by.” Searching for “Pozes Han River” on Korean portals now yields “Hyun Bin” as a related term, further fueling the rumors.

Finally, Hyun Bin’s agency has had enough. “We’ve been aware of these rumors since last year,” they stated. “We had initially decided not to release an official statement because we thought it would only give them more publicity, but some parts of the rumors were too far-fetched to be heard.” They confirmed Hyun Bin has no plans to move and never visited the model house.

One blog even dared to exploit Hyun Bin’s name directly. When the agency commented, “This post has nothing to do with our artist,” the blog replied that they would promptly delete it.

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