Curated Playlist: 9 K-Pop MVs Deemed Too Sexual By Fans

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K-pop is not what it used to be. As more and more welcomed changes occur, there are many fans who have found K-pop to become more sexual than before!

From erotic choreography, mesmerizing gazes and explicit lyrics to tension filled lust, mind-boggling metaphors and even LGBT representation, these MVs were a hot topic for a reason. Check out the nine MVs that made every K-pop fan blush below.

Stellar – “Vibrato”

The list wouldn’t even be complete if you didn’t start with Stellar. Known for breaking through the K-pop walls with “Marionette,” Stellar had released a plethora of sexual MVs such as “Vibrato” and “Mask.” Once they dropped the cute image and donned skin-tight clothes with revealing cuts, the girls began getting more attention and their MVs became even more erotic.

To this day, “Vibrato” is one of the most erotic K-pop MVs out there. Despite “Marionette” being an iconic starting point, their continued venture into the deep depths of sexuality in K-pop blossomed into quite the sensational topic amongst fans. During that time, Ga In was considered a female artist using many innuendos and metaphors for lust and pleasure but Stellar were right on her coattails with their stimulating concepts.

Mino – “Body”

Girl groups aren’t the only ones who can produce sexy and shroud their MVs with tasteful metaphors. Although, Mino goes straight to the point with his bold and brash MV for “Body.” Obsessed with the figure of a woman, Mino enters a state of lust and, like a drug, he can’t easily let go of his addiction.

The song is filmed in a constant state of red, with the color representing love, temptation, distress, desire and more. The fire between the two raises the stakes fairly quickly and they both seem to be willing to risk it all for the sake of their passion. For international fans, the MV may seem tame but the bed scenes and the fact that the female actress showed her nude backside made for quite the stir among Korean fans. Plus, the MV was rumored to be edited as the original take was rather raunchy.

Sunmi – “Tail”

Sunmi is known for being a provocative woman after her solo debut with “24 Hours.” Although she continues to showcase her sensuality through various genres and styles, every so often Sunmi plays with our hearts and dabbles into alluring concepts.

Anyone seeing the thumbnail and teaser images for “Tail” alone easily knew they were in for a treat. The grayscale scenery that contrasted Sunmi’s stunning red lips and glamorous latex-fitted bodysuit certainly raised brows and dropped jaws. Like a succubus on the hunt for her next prey, Sunmi crawls across the stage, dances between men’s legs, and lures us in with her captivating gaze. Sunmi is exceptional and a master of this concept.

Kai – “Mmmh”

When something is deemed sexual, everyone often assumes skin must be shown, dance moves must be erotic, and that the MV will without a doubt be clad. However, their is a classy sex appeal that we rarely get to appreciate or highlight but EXO’s Kai delivers just that.

His slow body waves, sensual slurry way of singing and liquid-like movement makes us want to melt. What is more charming about Kai is that he dazzles us in a way no other K-pop idol can and despite being fully dressed to the nines, his fashion stimulates our imagination endlessly. Seeing his real 100% chocolate abs is enough to make anyone tremble.

Hyolyn – “Layin Low”

Hyolyn has released a plethora of bops that simply cannot contain her sex appeal. While in SISTAR, Hyolyn was a vocal queen who swayed to the rhythm of “Touch My Body” and “ Shake It.” Now, she’s dropping it low in “Dally” ft. Gray and even getting hotter in “Layin Low.” Hyolin is simply a sexy artist. No if and or buts.

The video for “Layin Low” features Hyolyn at her finest as she dons a perfectly skin-tight black outfit that highlights every curve and emphasizes her sexual choreography even more. From her expressive and mesmerizing facial expressions to her absolutely sex-driven dance routine, Hyolyn didn’t hold back and decorated the stage in her heated aura. Although Hyolyn has been known to do cute concepts, we think the stylish sex appeal she exudes in her music complements her to a T. She isn’t afraid to keep pushing the limits in K-pop. She continues to do so even in her comeback as SISTAR19 (alongside Bora) with “No More (Ma Boy).”

JunJi – Be Mine

You must be confused or wondering, how did an MV like this get on the sexiest K-pop MVs list? Well, sex appeal isn’t all visual. Tension arising between two people and the wild rush of wondering what will happen next is a stimulating sensation all in itself. This MV absolutely does that and leaves us craving more and more. “Be Mine” is just one of many MVs driving us wild.

OnlyOneOf’s content is quite the queer-baiting fantasy but it is done in such an attractive way that fans can’t get enough of it. Their heavily BL (BOY LOVE) centerted MVs are a constant hot topic and they really know how to act and sell the concept to fans. From the sofa and bed scenes to the water fight outside, it seems that the steamy romance between two men is more than substantial and earns a spot on this heart-pounding list of sexy MVs.

Jessi “Down”

Jessi has no shame in her game. She never hides the fact that her body is sexy, stunning, and spectacular. Being open about her various plastic surgeries, constantly posting erotic photos on Instagram, and often painting the town red with her sassy nature, Jessi has become quite the icon in the K-pop world (both in Korea and internationally).

While many of her MVs offer something sexy, the beauty of “Down” is different in the sense that it offers summery tropical beach vibes rather than dark, moody, lust-filled intent. It’s charming, relatable and realistic rather than otherworldly. She opens with the lyrics “The moment you come into me, you’ll never leave,” and lays across the beach with the sun glistening on her tanned skin and neon green eye-catching bikini. The summer heat isn’t the only thing hot.

Ash-B – “My Name is Money”

Rapper Ash-B unapologetically sells the sexy concept to her fans. While releasing “Wish” just a week ago, the artist isn’t shy about showcasing her body in front of the camera in “My Name Is Money.” With her silver leather strapped bodysuit, marvelously red lush lips, and platinum blonde Barbie hair, Ash-B looks like a fantasy come to life. From licking her fingers to rubbing her body all over, Ash-B definitely objectifies her body but reminds others that it’s hers to own and play with in her killer rap.

Her expressive sexuality is a driving force and can actually break the barriers of what is the limit for sexual performances in K-pop. She is embracing her femme fatale era and isn’t taking a step back for the narrow-minded views that merely objectify her art for men. If this were a ranking, Ash-B’s “My Name Is Money” would certainly come out on top though.

Youha – “Last Dance”

Youha is on the hunt and her end goal is to have the man of her desires. “Last Dance” portrays the many ways Youha can seduce, hypnotize, and capture the greedy nature of all human beings. Alongside her wispy vocals and the song’s catchy tune, Youha flawlessly portrays the sensual tango between men and women – all while toying with a man’s fickle libido.

The classic push and pull is just part of what makes the MV so riveting. From their kiss in the car and their playful bed scene to the final moments in the bathtub and glances exchanged under the dim city lights, there is a lot of power behind all of these sexual innuendos. The MV complements the song and really paints a story of love’s physical assets.

What did you think of this steamy list of sexy K-pop MVs? Anybody that we missed or you think should go down in history as one of the sexiest groups around? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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