Kim Ji Hoon Reveals His Smart Real Estate Investment Paid Off Big Time

kim ji hoon net worth
kim ji hoon net worth
Credit: YouTube “STUDIO_SUZE”

In a stunning revelation, actor Kim Ji Hoon disclosed his acquisition of Trimage apartment rights in Seoul’s Seongdong District, an investment he made with 150 million KRW (approximately 125,000 USD) of his own money.

Appearing on the web show “Have Breakfast,” released on the 23rd, Kim Ji Hoon shared the backstory of how he was able to purchase the Trimage at a bargain. “I’m not a man of substantial means,” he confessed. “I got this place for 150 million KRW as the initial allottee. Surprisingly, this apartment had been unsold for a long time at that point.” He reminisced about his past, “I had been living in a rented apartment by the Han River. Living there, I realized the premium of a Han River view. Seeing that this place was right by the river, I knew it was bound to appreciate in value.”

He recalled how the deal came to fruition, “The developers were offering to seal the deal with just a 10% down payment. Thinking ‘I’ll earn enough in three years when it’s time to move in,’ I hurriedly arranged the payment.”

kim ji hoon net worth
Credit: YouTube “STUDIO_SUZE”

The actor shared, “When it was time to move in three years later, I was strapped for cash and had to borrow money to make the deal happen.” He added, “Twenty years in acting, and I’m left with two things: this apartment and its mortgage. But it turned out to be the best investment of my life.”

Kim Ji Hoon acquired the 126.66㎡ Trimage apartment on October 2nd, 2015, with a known asking price of 1.5 billion KRW (about 1.25 million USD). Upon moving in 2018, he secured a mortgage loan using the apartment as collateral to pay the balance. The maximum debt set on the apartment is around 1.034 billion KRW, with the actual loan estimated to be about 860 million KRW (around 717,000 USD). As of the 23rd, the 126.66㎡ Trimage apartment is listed for sale between 3.2 to 4.5 billion KRW (approximately 2.67 to 3.75 million USD).

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