(G) I-DLE’s New Song “Wife” Faces Broadcast Ban on KBS for Provocative Lyrics

(g)i-dle wife
(g)i-dle wife
Credit: Cube Entertainment

(G) I-DLE’s latest track “Wife” from their second full album 2 has hit a snag as it faces broadcast disqualification on KBS. According to the network’s recent music review results released on the 24th, the song “Wife” did not pass the broadcast standards due to certain parts of its lyrics being deemed overly suggestive.

As per KBS, lyrics such as “But that’s not enough, pick the cherry on top,” “From head to toe, just chop, chop, chop,” “Now that you’ve learned, try climbing on top,” and “If you do it well, I’ll happily swallow it deeper” were cited as reasons for the song’s disqualification.

Another track from the album, “Rollie,” faced a similar fate for mentioning a specific brand, leading to its disqualification. Soyeon was involved in the lyric writing, composition, and arrangement of “Wife,” and Yuqi participated in the lyrics of “Rollie.” If (G)I-DLE wishes to promote these songs on KBS, the lyrics will need to be revised and resubmitted for review.

Public opinion on “Wife” is divided. Some raise concerns about the song’s suggestive lyrics, especially considering (G) I-DLE’s significant underage fanbase and the potential negative impact. Others argue for artistic freedom, noting that all members are adults, and the lyrics’ varied interpretations mean that their meaning changes depending on the listener.

Amidst the ongoing debate over the provocative nature of “Wife,” interest in (G) I-DLE’s comeback continues to grow. The excitement is building for what they will showcase with their title track “Super Lady,” signifying a fresh musical exploration for the group.

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