Han So Hee Reveals a Cracker Commercial Launched Her Career: Who’s the Face Now?

han so hee debut
han so hee debut
Credit: YouTube “Channel Fullmoon,” Ritz Commercial

Han So Hee, now a recognized face in the Korean entertainment industry, recently opened up about her unconventional journey into acting, which started with a commercial for Ritz Crackers before her debut.

In a video released on the YouTube channel “Channel Fullmoon” on the 13th, Han So Hee appeared alongside actor Park Seo Joon, promoting their Netflix drama Gyeongseong Creature.

During the episode, the actress shared the turning point in her career, along with revealing her high school education level. She recounted, “I got into a school in France, but couldn’t go because I needed 50 million KRW (approximately 42,000 USD) in my bank account to get a visa.” She continued, “So, I started working part-time. I worked 12 hours a day at a beer hall, earning 1.8 million KRW a month. Modeling for two hours paid 3 million KRW.”

Han So Hee then mentioned how filming a Ritz commercial changed her life. “I shot a Ritz advertisement, and 20 million KRW got deposited into my account. I didn’t have to split it with anyone since I didn’t have an agency, so it was all mine,” she explained. “I thought, ‘Okay, that’s it. I’ll shoot three of these commercials, save up 60 million KRW, and go to France.’ But here I am.”

Han So Hee first gained public attention in 2016 through a Ritz Cracker commercial. In the ad, she caught eyes with her striking red outfit and red lips, snacking on crackers. Her bob hairstyle and impressive visuals made her the center of attention. People at the time showed explosive reactions, with comments like, “An ad you can’t skip,” “Make an hour-long commercial for her,” and “I bought these because of this ad.”

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han so hee debut
Credit: Ritz Commercial

In 2020, actress Go Youn Jung, just a year into her debut, was chosen as a new face for Ritz. Go Youn Jung has risen to prominence with roles in last year’s tvN drama Alchemy of Souls 2 and Disney Plus’ Moving and is set to meet viewers this year in tvN’s Someday Hospital Playlist.

Currently, actress Lee Joo Been is the new face of Ritz, with expectations high for her to follow in the footsteps of “Ritz alumni” Han So Hee and Go Youn Jung and rise to stardom.

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